m. (neuers) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Tenoch Huerta joins Black Panther 2

Tags: #blackpanther, actor / actress, angela bassett, black celebrities, casting / auditions, latino celebrities, lupita nyongo, marvel

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November 21 2020, 19:35:44 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 19:36:43 UTC

omg! glad to hear it. I like him.
I'm so happy for him!
so whitexicans, now hearing about this. If youre not one of those, what are you called if anything?
is this a fact? I dont want what happended to tatiana again.

IM glad about this! I love how in twitter a lot of people try to sound not bitter about this.
cry whitexicans [5]
🇲🇽 📢🇲🇽📢🇲🇽📢
Yasss let’s go 🇲🇽


November 21 2020, 21:04:33 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 21:05:33 UTC

Good for him and more mexa representation.

I just wish he didn't participate in series that romanticize the narco like Diego Luna. That shit is real, it destroys lives and communities. Making that profitable is gross and wrong.
Love Tenoch! And of course el ardido de Chumel Torres making dumb jokes yesterday. He's still pissed Tenoch owned him during a racism debate a few months ago.
Whitexicans stay losing, this, Yalitza hosting the Latin Grammys and Michel Franco getting snubbed - Ya No Estoy Aquí winning over Nuevo Orden to represent Mexico at the Oscars has made my week.
Jajaja, se me habia olvidado que Nuevo Orden fue ninguneada! :P
Siiii eso le pasa por mamón
Los memes después de que Nuevo Orden se fuera alv 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Que bueno, por perro.
I was kind of lusting after him when I watched Narcos lmao I approve of this even though i was over the mcu like 3 years ago
The whitexicans are sf salty in his comments wtf
everyone's so happy (which - representation, yay, etc) but i'm here like - oh. another latino cast as the bad guy.
Nice! I like him
i’m so happy for him! i loved him in güeros and in chumel torres’ smackdown ❤️

sucks that it’s a villain but i have hope that coogler will write him well :)
Oh yay! Good for him
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