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Sarah Michelle Gellar gets a Charmed recipe as Shannen Doherty Slays a virtual Thanksgiving

-Think virtual Thanksgiving doesn’t actually involve food? Caught entirely unaware until your mom called you to ask if you were making her famous turkey pot pies? Well, then you have more in common with Sarah Michelle Gellar than you even realized!

Not wanting to let her mom down, even from afar, Sarah and her best friend, Shannen Doherty had to act quickly. Luckily, Kroger has them covered! Just a few simple taps and the fresh ingredients were on their way, and their moms didn’t even notice a thing (and Shannen may or may not have picked up an entire pie and ate it like a sandwich). Thanksgiving may be a little different this year, but some things never change.

Tags: charmed, holiday, sarah michelle gellar

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It's been months since I've had a nice savoury pie.
I was debating about ordering myself a small charcuterie board for thanksgiving when you posted this, op. I’m taking this as a sign!
Yessss get yourself your shark coochie board
I love SMG's close friendships w/ Shannen and Selma Blair.
i love that thanksgiving episode lol

"i like mushy peas!"
Can't wait to watch the episode "Something Blue" on Thanksgiving as per my yearly tradition
this kroger's ad disguised as an ontd post

2020 :(


November 21 2020, 22:10:25 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 22:29:08 UTC

Beep beep. It’s here girl. 😂
thought it was darlene and becky from roseanne
I wish the shows SMG had post-Buffy did well
This company did good work, getting the both of them to work for them. Everybody loves them. Or maybe likes them.
Every year around Thanksgiving, I watch the 'Pangs' episode of Buffy. It just takes me back to simpler times.