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ONTD, Do you call your significant other Daddy/Mummy?

Mo'Nique calls her husband daddy because he is raising her. If this sounds like deja vu, it is because she had said this before back when she had a podcast with her husband, now she is saying it interviews with other people. Mo'Nique was a guest on "under construction" - Tamar Braxton's prodcast. A concerned listener posted a clip of Mo'Nique talking about her relationship dynamic with her husband:-

Mo'Nique: when poeple say to me, why do you call him daddy?
Tamar bursts out laughing #awkward
Tamar (laughing): why do you call him Daddy Mo?
Mo'Nique: and I tell them it is because he raises me. He's given me everything that my father did not. And when I tell you sometime it can be so goddamn embarassing and it is just me and him in a room...see there ain't nobody else in the room and he's had to say somethings to me Tamar that's taken me to my knees and then he will be me back up and then he will say "is anything I'm saying ot you not true? And I'll say "everything you're saying to me is true, but right now *n-word*, my ego, I need you to walk away because the crazy bitch inside of me, she getting ready to say something and mess up the moment, I know she coming
Tamar laughs
Mo'Nique: she come, she's ready to come out the basement
Tamar: yeah, yeah
Mo'Nique: and then he loved all of us through it, he loved all of us through it, so when I say to black women, please if you have a good one, let your guard down and let it happen, and you gon hear some shit that's going to shock you, cause when you got a king, he's got to prepare you to be the queen
Tamar: yeah.
Mo'Nique: and so many of us ain't got the queen training, so when we got the king, we don't know what to do with this shit. we don't cause now we think you're trying to boss me... *n-word* you're trying to boss
*clip ends*


ONTD, do you call your significant other Daddy/Mummy?
Tags: black celebrities, comedy / comedian

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