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Man goes viral on TikTok for claiming there’s never 2 good looking best friends

An audio that's been all over TikTok is the line "I ain't never seen two pretty best friends. It's always one of them gotta be ugly". People were initially offended by it, which contributed to the sound becoming a staple on the app.

The video was filmed by 24-year-old Jordan Scott, college student and a model.

People have been responding to his video a lot and using his sound in a variety of ways; some have responded with a video with their own best friend as a clapback. Others have taken the phrase and used it to rickroll people in unrelated videos, making the sound viral.

Are you the ugly or the pretty friend, ONTD?

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I assume he's the ugly one? Those pics are straight up computer generated images of Paul Walker in The Stupids.
yeah he looks like he was supposed to be cute but there was an error along the way.
On the plus side, he'll nail that Jafar audition
And, see, I've noticed all my close friends are good looking. I don't think I'm the ugly one? But either I'm shallow and only want to look at good looking people, or their personalities come out in their appearance, elevating their looks to me.
My friends are all hot which disapproves his theory as they are best friends with each other. I myself would like to be excluded from this narrative.


November 21 2020, 19:18:25 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 19:19:41 UTC

For whom?
Party City Halloween masks? Slenderman fanfic? Unlicensed-by-the-FDA off-brand contact lenses?
Omg i lost it at Slenderman fanfic 😂
oh it was this guy? I saw another stupid ass video he made saying "don't date girls who don't carry a purse" or some shit
SO he's the ugly friend?
I am 100% sure i have always been the ugly best friend lmfao.
TikTok is such a savage place, I'm loving all the duets clowning this Crimson Chin mf
do people actually think like this?
Omg my friend sent me one of his vids and I was so confused, I genuinely thought his face was a filter it looks disturbing
This is the same person?
Idk I have really beautiful friends and I, too, am really beautiful.
I bet the white girls I went to school with thought I was the “ugly” one because I’m black but! That was entirely on them. And they also were not my friends.
lol this is really a post
I can believe this. When I was clubbing with my friend, she usually got more attention than me and even when I had a better body ( I used to have the 90-60-90 bod) than hers so i guess her face got more appeal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Why does he look like launchpad mcquack
this hidden gem of a comment lmao
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