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Man goes viral on TikTok for claiming there’s never 2 good looking best friends

An audio that's been all over TikTok is the line "I ain't never seen two pretty best friends. It's always one of them gotta be ugly". People were initially offended by it, which contributed to the sound becoming a staple on the app.

The video was filmed by 24-year-old Jordan Scott, college student and a model.

People have been responding to his video a lot and using his sound in a variety of ways; some have responded with a video with their own best friend as a clapback. Others have taken the phrase and used it to rickroll people in unrelated videos, making the sound viral.

Are you the ugly or the pretty friend, ONTD?

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I was always the chubby friend growing up but I lost the weight and now my best friend has gained a lot and we're reversed. I never bring it up but the old chubby bullied kid in me likes being the skinnier one now and then adult me hates myself a little bit for thinking it because ultimately weight shouldn't matter.
He's the ugly friend right.

But in all seriousness~ I don't agree with that statement.
His eyes creep me out
I'm the ugly friend 😔
This is a single degree away from some incel looksmatch shit and I am not here for it.

Social media was a mistake because it has shriveled that instinct inside most of us that says "hey, I could also just not say anything at all".
I'm not ugly but depending which group of friends I'm with, I'm not the pretty one either.

I'm always the funny one though, and I take a lot of pride in that bc making people laugh is one of the few things in life I actually enjoy lol


November 21 2020, 18:17:52 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 18:19:58 UTC


idk about friends id say we're all about average but is that something the ugly friend would say? idk
i have two sisters theyre both better looking than me, persian goddesses yet i... a mexican potato.

the last friend i was close with from waaay back when we were kids and the only person i was still in touch with called my mom a "butler" and then doubled down on it and wouldnt apologize so
Good lord, the chin on him.
bike seat energy
Oh my god, Bert.
Omg! Totally
Me and my friends are all average lol
i actually think pretty people move around in the same cliques, so this hypothesis isn't true by my experience
"Are you the ugly or the pretty friend, ONTD?"

I'm always the DUFF. Like in every dynamic, with my best friend, with my friend groups. I'm ugly. What am I supposed to do? LMAO
this post didn't go the way i thought it would go lmao. the memes on tiktok that have come out of this are sf funny
i dont get it. in my experience personally and observing since high school, best friends are almost always on the same level of attractiveness.
A dude I met at a club once told me that in a group of 3 girls, one is always the ugly friend. He then pointed to various groups where one girl was not as pretty as the others (in his opinion) to prove his point.

kurtis conner made a video about him and this guy just seems to source cheesy quotes from one of those basic sites and then says them as tiktoks
this dude (wannabe model boy) has no personality whatsoever lol
def someone who's been gassed up for being allegedly good looking so never felt the need to develop one


2 days ago

kurtis's whole aesthetic development has been
how very.
Fix your collar son! Been bothering the shit out of me. Respect the people with OCD.
Why do I love a curly mullet


1 day ago


1 day ago

Oke, Kurtis is a cutie. Love the 'lil nose ring. He's pretty funny too.
I’m the ugly friend. I was just looking through old photos from my childhood and reaffirming this nonsense. Im old now and still ugly af. But I was cute as a small child.
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