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Superior Michelle Williams has written a book about mental health


Superior Michelle Williams has been open about her experience as a black, female christian battling depression and how she navigates that. She has written a book titled "Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life---and Can Save Yours" and it is out on May 25, 2021

From Amazon, "In her first book, Michelle courageously shares the hidden secrets that nearly ended her life; the importance of her faith, family, and friends; and the lessons she learned about prioritizing her mental health. She is on a quest to increase mental health awareness and urges others to understand the importance of "checking in" with themselves, God, and others. Her candid, often humorous, and incredibly brave book will inspire readers who desire hope for their own difficult times."

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November 21 2020, 13:53:58 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 13:54:30 UTC

Ooooh that's an excellent title for that kind of book.

I'm intestate in what the reviews say and whether it's super religious.
Anything to normalise depression and talking about it.
I hate this and all books like this. My ex abandoned me at the hospital. He, who raped me in my sleep and emotionally abused me, was the only family I had. I have nobody, and I'll dye alone. If I kill myself now nobody is going to find me, because nobody is going to miss me. Books won't save you. Nobody saves themselves alone or with the help of a book. People need people. This type of books are pointless. If you are alone and unloved you won't heal.

I'm alone and there's no hope for me. In 4 days it will be a year since my suicide attempt and I can only hate myself because I failed.

So ontd how about today you check in on your mates. Do that you never know who might be struggling.
She talks about the importance about checking with others. I'm sorry you feel so alone BB. A lot of us have been there. Lean in and accept some help.
Lean in and accept help? All I did was begging for help. And I've been nothing but abandoned. Your comment is incredibly hurtful. You assume everyone has someone. I had a social worker who constantly dismissed me. Despite saying that I needed help and I was suicidal. My ex abandoned me. I have no family. I have nobody. I begged for his help. So yeah must be nice being able to ask for help and receive it. I never had that privilege


2 months ago


2 months ago

"there's no hope for me"

don't say that. i know that it probably feels like that in the moment but resilience is your strength. you've made it this far. you will heal in your own pace. just give it time.
i'm sorry you're in a difficult place, and i know that platitudes and internet comments won't change that, but if you need to reach out to someone my messages are always open ❤️
i think you're incredibly strong to have made it these past 361 days. the fact that you have been fighting so hard for yourself, by yourself, is amazing. i hope as you continue through the days, being silly with us on ontd and ragging on celebs who are absolutely clueless (lbr), that the weight of your burdens occasionally falls off your shoulders so that you can forget them. ❤️ i feel for you, and i am so sorry for your struggles.
Bb, you didn't lie.

We aren't meant to suffer like you have been forced to. Period.

And you deserve love, and care, and support and I'm sorry you don't have that right now and didn't have it back then.

I'm really sorry. Any rage, resentment, frustrations you have are all valid.

I am glad you're still here despite living being so hard right now.
There are no magic words I can say to fix things, but I do wish you the best. I'm glad you're still here and I may just be a stranger on the internet, but I'm here if you to rant, cry, talk, whatever.
even though we are strangers if there is anything we can do to help from the internet let us know.

here is a reddit community that you can post random request to:

if you need material items to help you people will get it for you

I'm sorry about what happened to you. I really think you should try to enter group therapy and connect with others that have had similar experiences with abuse. My family member was suicidal to and we took them to the ER. After the ER was in hospital for a week, after thst is in a virtual group therapy. and although it did not take away all those thoughts, therapy is addressing many of her problems and she does feel less alone.

Though we don't know what your exact experience is, please reach out for help.
I one hundred percent agree that people need people. YOU also deserve good people. Your ex was a fucking piece of shit rapist. You deserve so much more than that. You deserve people who care about you and want to support you. I know it feels like you don’t have that, but I’m always here if you want to talk.

And like someone else said, you’ve already made it 361 days. You have survived probably the hardest year of most of our lives. You are stronger than you know.
I know you’re not in America. I think you’re in Europe. But if you need someone to talk to, ESPECIALLY 4 days from now, I think that’ll be the anniversary of my dad’s death. I’d like to be there for you if you want (regardless if the days match up or not).
Do you use Discord? I'm socially awkward so my replies can seem non-emotional or fake (or just be gifs and emoji), but I'm willing to listen. It's not the same as having someone in person to reach out to but no one should have to deal with this alone. (I have and continue to deal with suicidal ideation too.)

DM me if you want to talk on here or if you want to exchange discord handles.
i'm sorry your piece of garbage ex made you feel like his abuse was the only form of love available to you. you do and did deserve so much more. there are people that do love and care for you, and even more people will in the future. there is hope for you, and i hope you're able get the support you need to step into that hope
tbh it's kind of bothered me how even after she said the Destiny's Child jokes really impacted her, people still kept on with them

especially now that we have White Michelle Williams who is awful lol
what did white michelle do again? I seriously cannot. keep. up.
cheated with a married man


2 months ago

i always thought she was the superior michelle


November 21 2020, 14:52:27 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 14:59:40 UTC

Let me know if this is too grim and I'll delete!!

TW suicide

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Fromm what I've seen, suicide rates have gone up.

Not at all surprising tbh.

Have yall been hearing about this in your cities/communities?

I haven't witnessed this 1st hand, but Idk anyone that's actually gotten covid, so my network is skewed if that makes sense. Or at least I think it is?

That's also why I hate Trump supporters. Their politics kill so many people in so many ways.

Same with people being selfish and irresponsible with covid. I'm immunocompromised and haven't been hugged in over 9 months. Fuck yall that are making things worse tbh.

I’m not sure about suicide but I know overdoses have gone up in my area. It’s been really hard for people with NA and AA meetings and other services shut down for a while. I’m in AA and was really fortunate there were in person meetings when I got out of rehab in june (socially distanced, masked, take temps and phone numbers for contact tracing and in the summer they were outside). It’s been a life saver for a lot of people. But still, ODs (esp on fentanyl bc it’s fucking everywhere) are really rampant.

It’s going to be really tough if meetings shut down again. Zoom is an option and its decent for me but there really is a disconnect that doesn’t happen when you’re there physically


November 21 2020, 21:17:42 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 21:18:44 UTC

TW suicide

[Spoiler (click to open)]Yes, this year people in my extended social circle have died by suicide, and last month someone in my building leapt from the ninth floor and died. It's just anecdotal but what I have seen does seem to back up the idea that suicide rates are going up.

I can't blame people. This pandemic is awful, the fascist U.S. government is awful (and I know people in other countries are having their own struggles with their own governments), the economy is tanking, and being more isolated is hard on people. It really breaks my heart, because "just reach out" or "talk to people" doesn't cut it. People aren't suicidal for no reason, they're suicidal because our systems are failing them. If we don't give them money, and support, and options, this will keep happening.

I consider myself lucky, in a way. I have been on disability since I got sicker 7 years ago, and I have already acclimated to having more limited options. And I had more time to feel my grief about it. So many people are having to adjust all at once.
1. Have yall been good about taking your meds?

2 Have you tried new ones that you like?

I like my combo rn, but it's hard to separate the brain chemical stuff with the depression varied by real life stuff
Lexapro has been my saviour. I still struggle but I have never been in a place as dark as the one I was regularly in before I started it. I got really lucky that it was the first med I tried and it worked for me, I can’t imagine how hard it is trying out multiple diff meds to find the right one.

psa. I am pretty sure it made me gain like 12 kg lmao but I was really small before and always trying to put on weight so I welcomed it. but jsyk if it’s a med you’ve been thinking about trying lol
Lexapro made me so tired. All I would do is go to work and sleep. I took myself off of it.
I've been taking Zoloft daily for six years. I think I need my meds adjusted because I don't feel like it's working anymore.
I have a q. What does it really mean for meds to be working? I am struggling to differentiate between pre-antidepressant self and post-antidepressant self. I dunno if that makes sense?
They upped my dosage of buspirone to 40mg a day, that combined with finally having a job that doesn’t make me super nervous and that I actually kind of like has really helped my depression and anxiety. And being sober!

Re: Anti depressants and anti psychotics


November 21 2020, 17:03:35 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 17:04:07 UTC

I'm on a combo of Lexapro and Welbutrin and the results have been good for me.
i really appreciate the questions you ask in posts and the insight you provide.
1. I've been taking them for the most part. I will admit that I may skip a day sometime.

2. Earlier this year when I was in the hospital, they took me off all my old medications and put me on some new ones. They did not work and I ended up having another psychotic episode and back in the hospital again. They switched them and these seem to work. I'm on Seroquel (an antipsychotic) and Cogentin (for my tardive/Parkinson's symptoms). They also prescribed an anti-anxiety pill, but I haven't been feeling anxious and I can take those when I need them.
I've read a few books about people struggling with their depression and all they did was make me feel shittier about myself. In the sense of they had something major happen to them and then I compare it to myself and think that I have no reason to be sad and depressed. Then sometimes the writer is like 'so I quit my job and traveled the world for a year and feel so much better!! You can do that too!' And a lot of them are religious, so I just tend to stay away in general.

We do need to normalize talking about mental health, depression and just getting help in general. Which is very rich coming from me since I hate talking about my feelings and haven't talked to a therapist in about 5 years.
omg this is me too and I always feel ashamed about it lol. I have never had anything bad or tragic happen to me (like ive never even been bullied once) so it makes me beat myself up over not having ~overcome my depression and anxiety when these ppl who have had bad things happen to them seemingly have? so dumb in theory and YET
I know it's dumb to feel that way, but I can't help it. I see horrible things happening to people all around the world and I'm over here with basically nothing to be depressed about. Like I know I'm very lucky in life and it would seem that I should have nothing to be sad about. I know that's not how mental health works, but I can't get my brain to stop feeling like that.

also love your username!
Also something that should be added to the dialogue: how you don't need a reason to get therapy, how you won't be "fixed" after one appointment and how life won't magically improve on every level because of therapy.

Oh, and that you should connect with your therapist instead of just going with the first option and tough it out.

End of soapbox.
I’ve been very lucky where I don’t think I’ve ever been depressed. I might have some low few days, but it’s never been an actual struggle. So I may be talking completely out of pocket, but what you’re saying makes sense to me.

For some people, they have a trigger or reason they’re depressed. So they should be able to “conquer” their depression because it had an event that they could address the trauma. But depression can just be chemicals not being what they should be. It doesn’t make your struggle less than. It just means that you require a different kind of help than what these books understand.
I’m just rambling, but I think of it as me breaking my arm. I get a cast and it heals. I’m cured! But what if YOU were born with or developed some type of neurological disorder that fucked up your arm. I can sit here and be like “oh, my arm was messed up too. You should get a cast!” but your problem has a completely different source and needs completely different treatment. Hopefully your arm will get better and improve or at least be something you can realistically live with in a happy way.

Blah blah blah. So many words. Mental health is health. And everyone’s struggles are different and valid.
Please be careful with these. At last in the US...

Especially if you or the person you're calling on behalf of had a weapon on them, cops will show up armed and ready to shoot.

Especially if they're disabled and/or POc.

I always feel hesitant about books focusing on mental health that have a religious bent. I can appreciate the hope and joy and comfort that religion can bring to people, but I hate the thought of vulnerable, mentally ill people potentially being preyed upon by religious groups.


November 21 2020, 15:47:41 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 15:50:02 UTC

I’m glad she’s speaking about it openly and is doing better but I’m always so confused when religion is used as a coping mechanism. Like from depression to cult and some dude in the sky.
“God” has done fuck all for me. And praying is nothing else but what people do when they say they manifest. But glad she’s better.

And I think religions use that to prey on people who are in a bad place
I hope Michelle is doing well and in a good place. ❤️
She deserves so much better, tired of people making fun of her. She's talented and I hope this book does well. I'll eve buy a copy of it. The MUCH greater Michelle Williams.


November 23 2020, 06:03:53 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  November 23 2020, 06:05:31 UTC

i like michelle but the whole #PoorMichelle saga is so funny