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Letterkenny Season 9 Promo

Hulu’s funniest dumb show about Canadian rednecks is coming back with a new season on December 26th. Canadians get it a day earlier.

Pitter patter! Are you watching, ONTD?
Tags: canadian celebrities, comedy / comedian, television - hulu

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Yaaaaay! omg finally! I was wondering if this season was gonna be put on hold. One of the reasons I get excited about letterkenny is that they always have good music in their show.
Omg right? They consistently have great music every season.
Soooo true
yes, and there are letterkenny playlists on spotify that are AMAZING
Omg yaaaaassss I can't wait! I love this show so much. My brother and sister threw me a super soft birthday before I moved across the country
The last season was so bad. Hopefully this one will be better
The earlier seasons are def better but the episode with that Amish family always makes me laugh to tears.
No one wants a finger bang!
i'm so excited! i love this show.
letterkenny on MY ONTD? whew chile i had no idea anyone here liked it, love to see it
I think this is the first LetterKenny post here lol, we exist!
i think last year a user posted some funny caps on a ffaf and i ended up bingeing it that weekend. so grateful to that user, wish i could remember who it was tho. lol
I made a comment in the free for all because I NEVER expected a post! I feel oddly vindicated, I love this show.
Ikr?? I feel like this is the first time I'm seeing it talked about here. Love it!
My boyfriend got me into this show last year. I hope we can watch this season together! We've been having to stay apart for a couple months because his kids are going to school and I could be considered "high risk" so...yeah. As long as I get more scenes of Wayne holding dogs like babies I think I'll manage on my own.
omg lmao i've been watching this with my mom i love this show i dont even care
oh Wow Letterkenny on ONTD LMAO

Pitter patter let's get at'er!
This show is the worst BC my American friends watch it and then ask me of some of shit they say/do is actually done in Canada.
My guy I don't know I'm from the East Coast, Ontario is it's own thing okay 😭
As a Minnesotan, and therefore honorary Ontario resident, I can confirm people say and do these things.
I grew up in small town Ontario, one a farm no less, and sometimes the show feels like a personal attack on me.
OP that is what I appreciates about you making a Letterkenny post on ONTD

More people should watch this show it is amazingly hilarious with so many puns.
My brother and I say "wish you weren't so fucking awkward, bud" to each other all the time lol.
Why am I surprised by Canada having rednecks as well - but do they have a name like Bogans or Sheilas?
the closest is probably hoser. but we also use that kind of as a term of endearment between each other sometimes, so it's not always meant as an insult like bogan is.
Oh, that's a hoser! You learn something new every day.
This is the second time I’ve heard the term b- on ONTD and it shocks me because where I grew up it’s a racist term and I thought it was everywhere but I guess not in Australia


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this surprise is fucking 10-ply, bud, omg i'm so excited
Finding out Ed Norton is a LetterKenny fan when he called Trump a ten-ply yesterday was genuinely surprising
lmao surprise LetterKenny is my favourite, tbh; my manager never gave any indication that she was a fan, then casually dropped a "pitter patter, let's get at'er" and kicked off a "to be faaaaaiiiir" chorus in the same day, and i was like wait does she... does she know the lore?? she did.
I've never really watched much of Letterkenny but the guy that plays Stewart went to the same high school as me so it's always a trip whenever I see clips/gifs that he's in
I love Stewart!

Any stories about the actor? He seems like a really lovely guy
nothing exciting, sadly! he was a couple grades below me so I didn't know him that well, but I was in the same grade as his brother who I had a few friends in common with, and he was a nice guy. I mostly remember Tyler as being a quiet & really polite kid.
I've seen clips of letterkenny isolated on Tumblr years ago but didn't realize it was a show currently still on. I'll have to check it out!
This show is one of the smartest, most creative around tbh. It evolves every season and gets weirder, funnier, and more niche every time.
one of my friends is canadian and she cracked up at the show clips LOL
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