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Director Forgets to Mute, Talks Shit on Actor Lukas Gage's Apartment

Actor Lukas Gage (Euphoria) posted an excerpt of an a Zoom audition he did, during which the director thought his mic was muted and started talking shit on Lukas' "tiny" apartment. Gage has not ID'd the director, but guesses have included both Matthew Vaughn and Max Minghella, who has already denied any involvement.

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ONTD, have you ever gotten caught talking shit?
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Well done, Lukas.
For the actual comments re: the flat, I have no words. No wait, I do: horrible & disgusting.

Had to google Vaughn and he's that Kingsman asshole. 100% believe it's him even if it isn't.
This post has also taught me that Max Minghella is British and not at all American oops
He handled it really well and is gonna get a lot of attention and solidarity from this so good for you, dude!

When I was like 12 I was at the door of the classroom while everybody else was goofing around, when I saw the chemistry teacher coming I told everybody to shit the fuck down because the shortie was coming (he was really short), sadly he heard me and scolded me lol.

Also my best friend and her cousin were once in Lebanon behind this random lady and they began to shit talk about her in Spanish so she wouldn’t understand, suddenly the lady turns back and tells them that she’s so happy to find Spanish speaking people and hearing Spanish in a long time, they believe she didn’t actually listen to what they were saying and felt terrible afterwards
Yeah it happens. I remember in HS these group of girls talking were about me and my friend in Spanish. And my friend turns around and talks back in Spanish. And they were clearly mortified me and my friend were latinas too and could understand everything lol.
My sister's ex looked white but he was half Filipino so he could understand Tagalog. They were on the bus and these 2 women speaking Tagalog were discussing workplace gossip. He started translating for my sister and they stopped talking once they realized he could understand them.
idk if it was fake or not but he better get the job bc thats messed up and he handled it well.

i'm kinda jealous of ppl background that are so neat bc my background is very mess. i try to make it neat but its not happening. i hate those viual backgrounds too so i just leave my background as is. lol

so tell me ONTD what does your background look like?


November 21 2020, 15:38:02 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 15:38:16 UTC

I don't zoom or anything, but when I had video interviews I found the biggest blank wall in my house.
Since I'm a petty bitch, I wanted to learn whom I was going to curse. I googled all the possible names and fuck you Tristram Shapeero. LMAO
I work with casting and sadly this is super tame compared to the shit casting directors say. I'll never forget this girl (super talented too) who came to audition for the role of a mother and one of the producers jokingly said she didn't look old enough to be a mom, then the other said "but her body sure looks like it has given birth". At least everyone else had the sense not to laugh at his shitty remark.
acho que eu já disse aqui mas esse mundo parece ser interessante demais (tirando esse exemplo que vc acabou de dar) como faz para trabalhar nessa area??? Ajuda uma pobre formada em Jornalismo no Mackenzie
Eu sou formada em publicidade e comecei a trampar com produção pq eu tinha muitos amigos atores e foram surgindo coisas legais. Eu trabalho freelando como produtora (no momento sem nada </3) então minha sugestão seria vc ir em agências e oferecer mão de obra gratuita a princípio, como assistente e tal, pra vc aprender um pouco sobre. Cursos sobre produção de evento tbm são uma boa. Mas sendo brutalmente sincera, só te recomendo entrar nessa se for algo pelo qual tu é apaixonada mesmo e não conseguiria se imaginar fazendo outra coisa porque é uma área escrotissima. É ruim pra autoestima, vc não tem tempo nem de respirar direito e tudo que é problema cai nas tuas costas pra resolver. Eu juro que se tivesse qlqr outra coisa q eu gostasse de fazer tanto quanto eu gosto de produzir, eu faria sem pensar duas vezes pq ser produtora e ter saúde mental (e um salário garantido) é praticamente impossível.


2 days ago

i used to be an agent, and a casting director we worked with had a rush casting for the same day. was able to get a few people in. a few hours later, i had one of my young girls calling me in near tears cause the casting director was upset she wasn’t offbook (she literally had 3 hours to prep), and asked if she had a learning disability and made fun of her. i was so mad.
ONTD, have you ever gotten caught talking shit?

I think we've all done that thing where we have something to say about someone, so since they're on our mind, we go to text them about them, instead of the person you meant to be talking shit to.
Sounds like an asshole especially with what Emmy's saying.
That’s awful. His apartment looks fine, that director is an asshole.
Bless this poor kid. He seems sweet.
We had work Zoom meeting to discuss treating each other with more empathy and understanding in light of the BLM protests, and as a coworker was speaking you could hear someone say, "She's the BANE of my existence!" all irritated. It got super awkward, but we continued on until another coworker said - are we going to talk about what just happened?

Turns out it was our recently hired Head of HR. She resigned by afternoon.
If he has such a problem with people living in "shitty apartments" then I guess that means he's in favor of a little redistribution of wealth.
Rich white men are a mistake
just because there's so much zoom misinformation in this post lol
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