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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

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man, quarantine is really fucking with me. I used to *never* have any interest in the actual people whose music I listened to - half of my favorite bands, I couldn't tell you what the lead singer's name was or what they even looked like. even when I was like, buying tickets to see them live, I was just like... oh cool, that's a real person, how neat.

but now that it's been like 10 months since I've gotten any action, I will listen to a song I like and start thinking about how sexy their voice is, how sexy the lyrics are, how sexy the person singing it probably is, and I become a teen groupie for the first time in my life. it's embarrassing.
I'm guilty of still doing this. Well, depending on the singer. But also I can't believe you never cared before, I have always been the kind of person who has to do a deep dive and learn as much as possible about bands I like.
Honestly a big part of it is that I listen to a *lot* of different artists and try to keep my listening habits super varied so I don’t get sick of anything, so there aren’t a lot of artists that I get really invested in to begin with. Often I see acts live because they have one or two songs I’m really into, and then in the lead up to the show I do a deeper dive into their discography. But even then idk, I think part of it is I can’t crush on someone unless I get a glimpse of their personality (even if it’s artificial - for instance, I can name 50 attractive actors I would love to bang, because I’ve at least like, seen them in motion, so really the crush is on the characters they play more than anything else) and I’ve never been one to particularly enjoy watching interviews and stuff because honestly... they’re mostly boring lol. Interviewers rarely ask anything interesting and most musicians know better than to give anything other than fairly canned answers. So generally all I truly know about the artists I enjoy is the music they produce and maybe I’ve watched a couple of their videos? Plus I typically don’t go for ~musician types~ IRL so even though I do find that type attractive, those boys are just... so outside of my realm of experience that I don’t even bother crushing on them, I guess.

Of course, these days you can catch me deep diving on their instagrams to try to see if they’re single, as if that matters lmao. Although funny enough I just found out that I actually know someone who once upon a time dated a member of one of the bands I’ve gotten into? If I remember the story correctly, he just like... saw her in the crowd and came and said hello. Something that I can say with certainty would never happen to me!
I do this, but mostly with Hozier. When listening to his 2014 album this year I was constantly thinking along those lines, it got distracting, haha!
Got an $80 parking ticket today while working, which is pretty much what I earned today... so I ordered sushi for dinner. If I'm at $0 for the day, why not be $-20, right?
ugh that happened to me a couple times. one time I got it cleared since the street cleaning sign was behind a tree, but the other time I got it at 5:56 at a meter that stopped taking payment at 6, and even though technically I deserved it I was so mad! it was $90! and this was downtown which was a fucking ghost town!
stomach/colon tmi

[Spoiler (click to open)]i've been having the most horrible abdominal cramps so i had an appointment and the dr ordered SO many tests (yay for being taken seriously!) and also prescribed an antiparasitic (i think that's the word?) and y'all


i've never pooped so much in my life. i'm still going to get the tests done because i've literally been feeling like i'm gonna die and the dr even said that if i were older he'd be concerned my symptoms could be because of a tumor but it's gonna be so fucking funny if all this was some fucking parasite.
ugh gastroenteritis is the fucking worst
oh dear, I'm sorry


November 21 2020, 00:40:19 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 00:41:14 UTC

Welp, good to know Ricky Schroder sucks, I guess.

EDIT: whoomp there it is:
Ugh Ricky Schroder, wtf?
All the addicts sitting inside a jail because they can’t bond out for mere possession, just all the stories I heard ...and this sorry sack of waste of life gets to bond out. Fuck makes me so damn angry
so glad they helped this poor innocent *checks notes* multiple murderer
So many ppl don't know how to fucking drive oh my god...

Earlier today I was trying to back out of a parking spot, but there was this woman in her car that was blocking me from backing out cause she was waiting in line (don't know what the line was for). So I ever so slightly tapped my horn to inform her to get out of way so I can leave. All she had to do was just pull up slightly cause I saw that there was loads of room in front of her for her to do that. That's what I thought she was gonna do, but no lol... dis bitch instead gets out of line, goes all the way around the building, goes back on the main road, and then gets back in line after I've backed out of the parking spot and left. She mad a complete circle when she could have very easily just drove up a few feet in front of her.

we just watched the princess switch 2: switched again
it was predictable and stupid, but it was fun
My dad and my best friend really want to watch it with me lmao, I hope it’s at least better than last years Vanessa Hudgens Netflix Christmas movie
I’ve had a crush on this one woman for almost ten years, like it’s always kind of in the back of my mind but obviously I haven’t acted on it. We’ve been like acquaintances and would chat if we met at a party (the last time was like three years ago) but not like friends in a way that we’d actively keep in touch. This Fall I’ve gotten to know one of her friends through my hobby insta and one day they were like hey we have a friend in common and it was my crush, then the insta friend goes like ”yeah she finally told me when she’s spoken about you, like last year when we went on a trip she said that you’d just been there too” and stuff like that. I never would have thought she had kept such close tabs on what I’m doing basically through my insta and now I’m kind of freaking out because I can feel my crush coming back hardddd and I don’t know what’s a normal amount of knowledge you should have of an acquaintance from ten years ago. I’m a mess and not in any way ready for a new relationship (and have realistically no reason to think that that’s what she would want) but I can’t help dreaming 😩
Sounds like she's feeling the chemistry you're also feeling, whether it's a crush or just a general interest in you. Would you be comfortable saying something like "hey, thought about you recently and wanted to see how you were doing?" It's harmless and could open lines up for more communication but not an "I think you're so cute!" level of commitment.
Yeah at least I think there’s def always been kind of a spark between us but it just hasn’t gone any further. I think I would send her a message on insta or something but she never uses social media to post stuff or anything except like liking insta posts so it would feel kinda awkward to just send a message instead of replying to an insta story or something you know? But maybe if I become better friends with our friend in common I’ll be able to hang out with them sometime or something, in like ten years when it’s safe again haha
So one of my irl friends (who I haven't seen in ages tbf) has chosen NOW, like the days since the election, to become a political idiot on Twitter, and I'm like ????????? She's all "I've done my own research" this and "just let this play out LEGALLY in the courts, Biden would totally do the same thing!!" that and it's just so weird. She even kinda yelled at Mark Hamill (!!!!) and told a fantasy author to "please just stick to [tweeting about] the themes of her books." I...what...why?????

sorry she's a turd :/
I want to be friends with them!
This is so cute lol
What is your go to sitting position?

I always have to sit with my legs crossed or with one under me. At work, restaurants, you name it, that's how I'm sitting.

How bout yall?
i have a very small chair under my desk where i put my feet on
I’m really short so I don’t like just hanging my legs from the edge of a chair so at home I sit with my legs crossed and elsewhere one leg under me if I can. I sit like that even in therapy lol but I need to be comfy! But I’m starting to think that sitting legs crossed is starting to change the position of my pelvis or something because I’ve started to have these weird lower back pains. I’m not sure if it’s just an urban myth that the way you sit can affect you like that but Idk I’m still just thinking about it and doing nothing lol
lol sitting twin! I'm actually not that short (5'5") but I wish I was, so I think it's my subconscious way of making myself feel "small" since I never have felt that way, what with being fat and all haha

But ITA. I have a weird side hip/pelvis pain whenever I stand and I'm 100% sure it's because I sit the way I do.
I'm the same, when I'm at a desk I almost always sit with my ankles crossed, it's like a security thing, when they're flat our uncrossed I feel weirdly untethered? But I read that it's bad for you to sit like that, so I need to get out of the habit.
On the couch, I sit with my legs crossed up next to me (my husband was pained just trying to imitate this pose for a moment) or stretched out on an ottoman.

At a table, I tend to adopt a very unladylike stance - legs spread out, feet flat on the floor.

When I'm with other people (not a problem as of late!) I have to remind myself to sit prettier, lol.


2 days ago

Legs crossed that I think about it
I added too many saline packets to my nose bottle today and too much sugar to my hot chocolate tonight.
for such a middle class town, i live in an absolute wasteland for good vegan food 😒

I've had this thought before, lol.
Honestly same, except it's also with my laptop and iPad chargers, haha! I am weirdly proud about doing it without looking, except I almost never manage it, and as such I'm sure Sherlock would think I have a drinking problem.
won a $300 gift card to target courtesy of T-Mobile who's not even my carrier. it was great.