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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I have shooting stars but no Celeste! I need my recipeeee
She keeps giving me everything but the damn crsent moon chair. Thankfully someone here made me one but that was in July. I need the DIY, sis!!
I wish she would give me the recipe for the floating moon

She keeps giving me wands which I had zero interest in


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Megan thee stallion is so beautiful 😭😍

As is Rihanna

I've been looking at thier pics the last couple days

ontd, what's the cost/specs balance for a real-proper-grown-up winter coat? if you have that parka you considered an investment, how much did you pay for it vs what were you looking for specifically vs how many years you plan to get out of it?

i've been looking for *the* parka for years andi'm really digging this one, but i've never bought a piece of clothing this expensive in my life:

for reference, i live in nyc. i like winter, i like the cold, and i also like to travel in the winter months to cold places if given the chance.
yikes that price

I live in northern ontario so arguably quite cold. My winter coat that ive had for 4-5 years was about $200 (canadian). I dont play outside however, its mostly for the 20-30 min of warm up the car and walk to work and 30-60 min of snowblowing and its plenty warm for that. No one in my family has ever had something that expensive but I also come from a cheap family.

a few people i know have Canada Goose jackets which are known for top quality but i would never... I cant fathom to spend that much.

I think the most id go if i was looking for a heavy duty jacket to get me through like 8 hours outside, would maybe MAYBE be $500 canadian
lmao I see people walking around in Canada Goose in SAN FRANCISCO and I just want to roll my eyes right in their face. you know they have more money than sense and just googled around at what counts as a good winter coat even though it never drops below 45 degrees here lmao
yeah, the price is... not inviting.

i have a parka i really like (in the ~$150 range, i got it on sale) that is quite warm, but on those brutal portal vortex days quite a bit of layering is still required. and when i go to upstate in the winter, that one doesn't quite cut it. i just keep imagining if i had that one parka that you can just throw over a sweater and be warm even in those coldest days, that'd be the goal. but it doesn't seem those come in very friendly prices.

there's this one parka from canada goose that has a cut i like a lot, but i have such an antipathy for that brand, lol.
uniqlo or lands end. honestly a Macy's backstage or a Marshall's can get you a pretty nice heavy winter coat. the fuck is $850 going to do for me if i'm not climbing Mt. Everest??
That's pretty expensive and for that price I would expect the coat to go down past your knees. I have hook-ups at Patagonia so I'm not paying full price, but their jackets are super warm and guaranteed--you can take them to a store for repairs if needed.

I've heard good things about Everlane's parkas and they're just over $100.
i grew up in northern alaska and never had anything near that nice/warm/good quality but i also tried to avoid being outside in the winter and definitely would've died if my car broke down in the middle of nowhere so....... you do you if you like the winter and specifically winter travel and outdoor activities it might be worth it
i’m an nycer and i used a columbia parka. about to get an everlane one that’s like $248. really there’s no where you can get one for less unless you buy it after winter. having a really thick scarf helps keep most of the frigid out and you can take it off easily when you go underground if we can ever ride the subway again.
As someone who lives in Toronto and is outside a decent amount for work or always in/out of places, a good coat is a worthwhile investment. I spent $300 on my Patagonia down Jacket, which was a STEAL (retails $8-900) because it went on sale in the spring. But the down falls out of the jacket and gets all over my clothes. It’s still functional (super warm) but it’s a nightmare when I take it off at work.

I’m looking into a Canada Goose next because they don’t shed and the quality is there. They’re really expensive but there are cheaper models and most good jackets honestly retail at the same price (Moose Knuckles, Nobis, etc.). The quality and warmth is there and if you take care of it, it’ll last you the rest of your life. I have a friend who’s had hers for ten years and no complaints. That’s ~$120/year (probs less since she bought it so long ago) and winter lasts forever here, haha.

If you have the means invest in a good one otherwise you’ll buy mediocre jackets and get sick of them and eventually end up buying an expensive one 🤷🏻‍♀️
I've never lived anywhere where I needed a super ultra heavy duty coat, but I did get invest in one "nice" winter coat when I lived on the east coast and it was like... $150? which is not expensive in the grand scheme of things, I know, but I rarely spend more than $20 on any single item of clothing lol so it was a lot to me. I got it from Zara and I'm generally pleased with it, although the winter I got it there were at least 5 other girls on campus who had the exact same one lmao

Re: winter coat question


November 21 2020, 01:37:34 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 01:38:17 UTC

I think Aritzia jackets are really warm and nice, specifically the parkas. I have had mine for 2-3 years and it looks really new despite me not being careful at all. They're a cheaper option compared to Canada Goose. I have heard good things about Woolrich.

I live in a similar climate to NY too.
I got my current one 50% off like 6 years ago in November/December when they were starting to bring in Spring/Summer stuff.
I agree with everyone's recommendations below. I moved to New York from Miami and although New York is cold, its not Chicago or Alaska type of cold. Go for a decent jacket (from macys, madewell or columbia brand), don't pay more than $250 and layering is more important than anything.
You know its bad when you cry just because someone is nice and helpful to you. And answers your question in 2 minutes rather than the two weeks of back and forth with someone else with zero answers.
I totally get that. You ok?
oh yah, just work bullshit. a coworker who wont do their job and help students so then i get sucked into it and end up finding the answers elsewhere. I dont cry often but niceness is my trigger


2 days ago

One thing that I really hope stays is how remote working has opened it up for some companies to hire people all over the USA. It's nice to have more options to apply to when searching for a job.
Especially when the job is like "as long as you work consistently, you can work whatever hours you like."

I would completely wake up at 4 to work from 5 to 10.
My Holo Taco order finally arrived today! I'm gonna start painting my nails now. I think I'm going to use the pink color from the frosted metals collection.
Yay! I bet it will look great.
late to this comment but I ordered their starter bundle today in order to get the free One-Coat Black polish, and I also grabbed the Aurora unicorn skin. I have soo much nail polish as is so I didn't want to go overboard, but I needed new top & base coats and a new black so it was the perfect opportunity. I'm excited to get everything!
The unicorn skins are GORGEOUS and maybe my favorite part of the whole line, so I hope you enjoy Aurora! I really enjoy both the smoothing and long lasting base coats. The super glossy top coat is probably now my holy grail. It dries SO FAST. LOL. I'm impatient. I need a top coat that dries super quickly.
I'm finally able to settle and do my damn reconciliation that needs to be done before I can go home tonight.

I have to confess, I just did paperwork for the older lady that's on staff that is very bad with computers. I can't keep putting her through stupid hoops when I can just create a frigging account and pull the paperwork for her. She doesn't care and isn't concerned about the privacy issue with me digging into her medical stuff. Thank goodness because this will mean I can cut her a check for a full reimbursement instead of dicking around about it.

I can never move onto a "large company" or who is really concerned about doing everything very specifically and constantly making it hard on people to get what's rightfully owed to them. I'd rather just do this shit for people.

HR, the office where you go to get your homework worksheets printed out and your medical reimbursement claims pushed through.

I've been accused of "spoiling" people before and you know what? I'm at peace with it. I'm not going to stress out a 62 year old woman who does nothing but make our lives more cheerful around here, along with doing a damn good job at what her actual job is. Ef it.
I had pancakes and soup for dinner. No regrets.
I’m finally watching season 2 of Sense8 and I love Lito
sense8 is so clunky but I dont even care. I never saw season 3 though, Im a bad fan.
just listening to BE all day and bundling up bc it's freezing ;-;
Well, as expected, we're going into lockdown again. Not sure why Ford thought he should wait till today to announce this. I'm also pissed that we're doing this when he should have never gone into stage 3 to begin with.


November 21 2020, 00:54:10 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 01:44:25 UTC

Why do you think we never should have gone into stage three? I think it was appropriate considering it was done during the summer when cases were significantly lower and there wasn’t a true rise til the end September when the weather was getting colder and people went back to school/work.

I think he should have skipped the red stage and went right into lockdown. We wasted precious time when we all knew the inevitable was coming. He’s so reactive.

Also it’s ridiculous that York isn’t in lockdown. Like they ain’t erecting fences at Steeles Avenue. It’s so stupid.
Just came to ask for a prayer circle for this new position that I applied for at work as a Communications Director, I made it to the final interview and I’ll know the results next week ✨

stan STAYC

Sending you good vibes! I hope you get the job <3
Thank you bb✨
Bb, you already GOT the job. Smh



I was going to play Jedi Fallen Order but I can't find it lol ill worry about that later

Then I saw i have Uncharted 4 which a friend gave me and was gonna play that but it was going to take 3 hours to download idek what

So decided to try Assassins Creed Syndicate again and it's taking forever to download idek what.

I can't win. I really should look for my copy of Jedi Fallen Order tho. That game was too expensive to lose
I haven't played any of the other games but I liked uncharted 4 and played it during my country's first lockdown this march.
Really wish I had one of those bedside phone/laptop charger plug things that hotels have on their nightstands.

I looked for some on Amazon but they either glow or are a lamp. Womp womp.
I almost always get enchiladas.
Chiles rellenos all day every day
Nachos, enchiladas, migas, or fajitas

Migas >>>>
tacos, churros, lime daquiries/margs
usually enchiladas for me too. i like sopes but i haven't found a place near me that has them on the menu yet.
Enchiladas, flautas, or chimichangas.
tacos, flautas, quesadillas, margaritas.

To make? Enchiladas

For breakfast? Breakfast tacos or burritos

For a casual meal? Tacos or quesadillas
carnitas tacos

and just reading your question made crave tacos so badly omg

Re: What's your go to Mexican food?


November 21 2020, 00:36:48 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 00:37:55 UTC

Me too! I like my enchiladas suizas style and with Spanish rice.
Tacos, sometimes taco salad.

Back when I could eat cheese I sometimes got burritos.
Tacos and carne asada fries
...And now I want Mexican food :P
street tacos with carnitas
Mexican pizza...which I learned recently isn't authentic. But I ALWAYS order it.
Flautas or chicken with chorizo.
I grew up on the combo platter, #7: cheese enchilada, beef soft taco with guacamole, beans and rice. I'm so hungry right now!
Seitan or shrimp tacos are everything.