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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I was catching up on The Crown S4 and when freaking QEII had to tell Margaret that her guy pall was "a friend of Dorothy's" I lost it lol
Good Lord, lemme catchup.
Omg sorry bb. It's not a plot spoiler or anything, just a moment that was funny (and it's not a surprise to the audience)


1 day ago


1 day ago

omg, I forgot it was already out
i'm reading an online review of "the princess switch 2" and i'm glad to know i'm not the only person who had a hard time telling edward and antonio apart lol
idk if its cause I know his face so well from watching Nashville but I didnt think they looked anything a like beyond both being white guys
i've never seen nashville so i don't know either of them, so to me they just look like the same generic white guy lol
i accidentally submitted my test in one of my classes AGAIN only 1 question in so now as it stands i have a test mark of 1/50. i emailed my prof yet again and hoping that despite him probably thinking im an idiot that he lets me attempt it again :( FUCK online school
That sucks! I hate it. I accidentally chose the wrong answer on a multiple choice, but luckily I had uploaded the excercise with the right answer, so the professor was kind enough to give me a good grade
thankfully he gave me another attempt yet again. bless his soul. i was a wreck last night panicking thinking he wouldn't give me a chance already since he already did the first time.

but i think all the profs understand that technology is a bitch and anyone could've been kicked out from even the smallest thing & everyone deserves a fair shot at the test.

plus i have a high 90 mark in his class so he knows i'm not just slacking off.


1 day ago

Kwan and Mhog have like zero chemistry. None.

It’s too bad Kwan and Win never happened, because the tension between them was fire
I wanted coca cola but I'm trying to break my sweets habit so I won't get diabetes. I took Dad's Root Beet Zero Sugar Drink Mix and stirred that into club soda. It tasted good and I don't want coca cola for now.
maybe try la croix's ni cola?
La Croix is the only one where I can't. Because it tastes like someone belched the flavor into the water.
Bai Bubbles is really good if you like carbonation. Aspartame really fucks with my body so I try not to eat/drink stuff with it but Bai uses stevia and sugar alcohols (which I can have in small amounts ok). Black cherry is so damn good.


1 day ago

I should probably go to bed. my alarm goes off in about 5 hours.
Down with the swirl but not gay, Damn.
I'm in bed with my heated blanket and my cat is so, so content right now. I made a Costco run today and almost bought a second blanket for him lol.
awwww i want i cat so fuckin bad but can't get one until i have my own apt :( i even have a name picked out & everything.
Hope you get your own place and cat very, very soon.

What's the name?
A TMI question but, why not? It's late. 🤷🏾

I'm happy my libido is pretty non-existent because being single and not having anyone available and it being a pandemic would have made me miserable. I'm worried that it won't ever come back. Even thinking about sleeping with a proverbial person can't be conjured up in my imagination. Do any of you have turned off drives after a big breakup(s)? Did anything turn it back on?

I could honestly see it going on like this for a few years which, I guess, will allow me redirect that energy to other things.
I absolutely had this - had a short relationship which was borderline abuse and I felt like an ice cube for a while after that. About six months later I met someone new and we became friends instantly/flirted a lot and finally got together a year after that, and it was a very warm, passionate relationship! I don't want to suggest it takes another person to do it, though; I'd say making sure you're comfortable with and in touch with your body would definitely help (if that's what you want). I think one can still live a sensual life even if one's single, or "remind" oneself about sensuality after a break. Or if you're after living like that for a while, you do you! Libido has ebbs and flows, like everything in life, I suppose. (Sorry for the essay!)
The dub of Ghost Stories is wild, offensive and hilarious.
Going for my 3rd covid test tomorrow because bitches can't act right. I'm so frustrated and tired and mad. I got paid today and went and blew 20 dollars at taco bell. So now i have heart burn and frustration.
Hang in there! Splurging on fast food is worth it sometimes <3
I was just on deuxmoi and omg I NEED to know who the asshole director is 👀