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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I'm at the Tokyo Drift scene in Grease.
I'm so uncomfortable with that scene because of Sandy just sitting in an area they may drive through.
For real and she took her shoes off for some reason


2 days ago


2 days ago

I have a little cough/headache and I don't feel great and obviously I'm panicking. Fuck this virus.
does anyone else here have terrible anxiety and trauma? how do you cope with flashbacks and dissociation? it seems like my first instinct is to enter the freeze response and i can't do anything and it's making me super depressed. i just wanna sleep.
Can you get a therapist who specializes in trauma & PTSD? Mine was very helpful. I don't have flashbacks, but still sometimes dissociate when I'm under extreme stress. <3
yeah. im looking for a therapist but im scared to have to open up about it all so i'm procrastinating.


2 days ago

Don't know if I will be of any help, but the past week I felt like that, the first days I spent all day in bed cause I wasn't able to function. I kind of searched for help on the internet and it was a great way to vent, I'm slowly doing things I like and enjoy to get rid of the bad feelings. And of course you should try therapy If you can.

Whatever is happening, I truly hope you feel better soon <3


2 days ago

I had to take a big break from Peaky Blinders because my parents and I binged the first four seasons in like...less than a week so I was so OVER the music. I still need to watch the fifth season, but I just get irrationally angry because of the music.

I'm making a family cookbook using one of those photobook programs. I bought a voucher so I have 3 months to make it now. I'd be talking about it for ages but it's made me put my arse in gear.

Figuring out the formatting will be the death of me because I'm a perfectionist and I will want to make sure it is all universal
Now I’d like to do a deep dive on Moron Money and institution and ya know, the deep seeded racism
moron money is deep-seeded
Oh noooooooooooooooo my terrible spelling mistake!

Deep seated but seeded seems more correct because you plant institutions to grow
Just saw the post, I'm so excited!
Aside from the storm troopers, I really like the imperial aesthetic.
nope, just a comment on the first page
I'm not great but I tried?

I spent quite a bit of money on makeup just so that I can look fabulous at home. I regret nothing
Yaaassss nice.
i put a yankee candle sugar cookie scented air freshener in my car and it smells amazing whenever i go in it, i love it
Princess switch 2 should have just stuck with Stacy and Margaret. Miss cuzzy was an annoying addition
lol funny you say that cause i thought she was the most interesting part
I dont even know how. the movie wastes so much time there is barely a plot. cuzzy is a half-assed villain.

how about we get less christmas decorating montage and morw storytelling


2 days ago

Rewatching Hormones

Toei just can’t catch a break.
Showered and doing laundry right now. I also swept and took two bags of trash and recycling out. I wanted to vacuum too, but it was 9pm when I decided that, which is just too late. I don't want to bother my neighbors. I wish I had a smaller vacuum. Mine's really heavy and bulky, so I can only vacuum on the other side of my bed when the sheets are off, cause I have to drag it across the bed to get there (not enough room to go around.) I was also gonna go to the store, but idk if I feel like ti anymore. I won't starve, will just have to live on english muffins, which isn't bad, but my bum would like me to eat more fiber. I guess the pysllium husk pills I take aren't enough.

My plan for tomorrow is to do my darks and vacuum where I can. And get groceries. I also need to call my mom for help with finishing my fafsa application. Idk all the answers on the tax stuff, so she has to help my with that.

Tossing this out there, does anyone know how to get money quick? What's donating plasma like?
i tried plasma but it didnt work because i inherited my mom's tricky veins and didn't know since i never get blood work

but i hear it can be pretty easy money, provided you have time & patience
thanks! sometimes my veins are tricky but sometimes they like to just collapse for no reason. i guess i just gotta try and see.


2 days ago