doggie (hjalmartazar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I had a long nap earlier and planned to eat when I woke up but it's been like an hour and I still don't know what to make. maybe I'll have snacks for dinner.
I decided to go back an watch some season 1 Supernatural and I got to the racist truck episode and I havent watched this episode in... probably... a decade. Maybe since it first aired. Lets see if its still stupid (and yes, I dont believe Bugs is as stupid as people make it to be)(its still STUPID but not AS stupid)
I fucking haaaate Michael on Love After Lockup. He only wants to be a "dad" when he feels like it (aka when he's filming it seems like) and it's so annoying. Sarah is a dumbass - DIVORCE HIM ALREADY.
lol this is amazing
Hahaha noooooo
OMG, that looks like my Dad's iPhone / iPad. In order to update his iPhone recently I had to make space, and the man had like 5 pages full of those small iphone "collections" of Google Chrome bookmarks and nothing else, all about obscure history or sport facts that he will never look at again. It was honestly a pleasure to delete them all.
one of the only things I can credit the last season of GOT for is introducing me to Florence+the Machine (I had heard of them but never listened until I heard Jenny of Oldstones and loved it)
How do y'all think they will get the WH ready for Biden? He can't move right in after Trump cause that place is INFESTED with Covid and Biden is hella old. So, I wonder what they will do!
they'll need a hazmat crew and an exorcist.
I actually think Trump is gonna leave during the holidays and not return if I’m totally honest. Once he is done covering up his illegal activities he is gonna skulk away to Florida and just abandon post.
they should probably just burn it to the ground
blow it up

They will have to do a deep clean for sure. He probably won't be able to move in for some time.
I’m watching that doc about the teen that hacked all those blue check marks on FX. Just started!

What does the pen reaction mean on ONTD??
It means keep writing ✍️ you’re making really good comments
Ahhhh ty!!!!
Thanks! I initially thought it was “noted” like when someone says something dumb and you use the gif of Ryan from the Office writing down the user’s name for future reference. 😂
keep writing so like ~keep going.
Today in a work email I almost typoed someone's name as Booby instead of Bobby. Glad I double checked that lol
Me too! It's sooo good. I only recently found out it was written and directed by a woman so I've clearly always had excellent taste.
Watching 205 Live. I love Nigel's love of the Bollywood Boys
Omg this dude on this documentary can’t stop playing Minecraft while he’s trying to talk about knowing the dude that hacked all the blue check marks.

Like he can’t stop playing for 10 minutes to record his fucking segment. That he recorded himself. Jesus Christ.
Oooh what documentary?
Oh yay, Sarah’s ebbing and flowing blaccent is back
I’ve started my first rewatch like ever, cuz I’m honestly not big on watching things from my past but y’all, I started rewatching Buffy and it is so damn enjoyable. I thought I would be triggered but it’s been a fun ride. I’m starting season two. Hate that I’m still attractive to Xander, I know it’s wrong but he meant a lot to me mid-puberty.
Buffy is one of the few shows I rewatch! I'm not big on rewatches either.
Feels like The Lonely Man theme is playing in this picture