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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I’ve been running a few times in the past month and I think I find it more enjoyable now that I labeled it as self care and not exercise. Because it’s really to try and boost my mental health. Okay, it’s not really enjoyable but when I say that it’s self care I’m more likely to try and do it for myself
The new mandalorian episode had a weird timeline that didn’t make any sense lol. Was that all in a day???
This guy stinks. He smells like rancid grease had a one night stand with moldy nacho cheese.

The funk is so strong, he makes the Red Hot Chili Peppers look like the Backstreet Boys.
Ever done a karaoke song and been like oh wow this is NOT for my voice

For me it was Amerie 1 thing, I have never sounded worse
yep. holiday by madonna -- it was not pretty
lol ya Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru--it was dreadful haha
Yeah. I want it that way. It's too low for my voice but too high if I go up an octive haha
That’s a bold choice for karaoke lol
I did Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye while very sexually inexperienced and awkward and everyone could tell, I'm sure. About 30 seconds into the song I knew it was a mistake.
Is there good pre-made mole sauce? Please say yes.
I found some at Fresh Market ages ago I liked. Though tbh I'm not sure what constitutes as good mole sauce as that was my first time using it. I think I still have the bottle let me see.
A coworker got sent home for two weeks or(and? it wasn't clear) until she can produce two negative covid tests. She had a family member sick and said it was the flu but is sitting at her desk hacking and coughing and NOT wearing her mask! Thankfully her desk is not anywhere near me but she does walk around near my desk like bitch go away! She at least wears her mask when walking around.
Wtf??? I’ve had to go into the office a few times and I get so scared when someone just coughs. Stay home sickos!
i just got some brie and i had a bit of it with crackers- i think tomorrow i'm gonna cut off chunks of it and roll it up with pillsbury crescent rolls

just thinking about it makes me mad that i didn't do it tonight
I saw this in a magazine this morning and it’s all I want in life now.
that sounds amazing
The Fresh Prince reunion is so good. I am cryiiiiing.
i started my rewatch of the hobbit/lotr series the other night and i decided to go prequels first this time. hit play and i get sucked into thranduil again, fangirling and thirsting after lee pace. he's 6'5 and i want to climb every single inch. anyways, me and my vibrator had a good night.

my and bestie are gonna eat dinner and watch this movie lee's in called the keeping hours on netflix. i fully expect it to be terrible but the things i endure to stare at his gorgeous face

Deleted comment

seriously? use a spoiler cut, goddamn.
yeah delete this and use a cut if you're going to comment again, this just spoiled the whole thing for me. the episode has been out for less than a day in the us, have some common courtesy
This is killing me. You're complaining about being spoiled, while spoiling it for others...yowza
oof sorry yall, i didn't realize it had just come out in the US since im used to seeing it plastered all over my newsfeed early in the week, i just figured i always watch late 😞


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My unborn child’s foot is in my ribs and I’m dying
wow rude baby
I should shower soon
Omg I really home Diana actually taped herself singing All I Ask Of You from Phantom. I want to see it.
[Spoiler (click to open)]i read diana did go to the west end set of Phantom for Charles gift but no one knows what she did. they think she just danced to the music (the reason they included singing is because the actress said she loved phantom and sang it during her audition so they did that for her) but no one has gone on record to say what actually happened
Does anyone here get restless legs? I’ve been getting it a lot lately and it’s killing me!!
Yes. Suffered with it for years. Caused by my hypothyroidism. If I have too much caffeine or get too stressed out it can keep me up all night.
Omg, I haven’t been taking my thyroid meds because of insurance issues so maybe that’s the problem!


2 days ago

Yea I used to get them all the time when I couldn't sleep. Putting a pillow in between my knees helped.

Usually when I'm lying down.
Yes I take mirapex for it I’ve had it my entire life, I will tell you certain things like alcohol and antihistamines make it worse
Sometimes - I got a magnesium spray at a health store and just spray that on my calves when I need it. It helps relax the muscles apparently.
My period cramps are so awful
take a nice bath or lie on your belly!