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Free For All Friday


Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I started reading We Promised You a Great Main Event: An Unauthorized WWE History. I hope it has some good wrestling gossip.
ooh do share if it does!
my grandparents are old, my grandma had a stroke over the summer, and i feel bad that we won't be able to spend thanksgiving together
Would they do a FaceTime session?
they're old and are terrible with technology
the most we can do is call them


2 days ago

Lmao @ Fuckface Junior testing positive and right-wing Twitter squawking about HIPAA. Why do they keep pretending they understand that??
[Spoiler (click to open)]So ive been having a kinda rough time wrt ideation and today i had a dream my mom got pregnant, and i was so relieved bc it would be like a replacement for me so i could kill myself w no regrets but i only had a small window for it before it would have a bigger impact on the child. I woke up after a while of that bc it was kinda weird, and my mom just called me to say my grandma said she never wants to bury a grandchild again (my cousin just died). So now i feel guilty lol. Just a weird way to start the day.
Don't feel guilty! That was the Universe telling you to keep holding on, bb.
Well part of the issue ive been having is coming to terms w the fact that ive been holding on for a while and i just dont want to anymore :/ Thats why i feel bad, now im just disappointing everyone even people who normally just pay me no mind lol


2 days ago


2 days ago

Re: Suicide tw


2 days ago

Why did the Christmas song in The Christmas Chronicles slap so hard tho
the song they sang in jail? i loved that scene
I have never heard of this movie and had to google it.
Does the rest of the movie slap too?
it's a fun, light-hearted christmas movie.
it's pretty cute!
Yeah it's a fairly good time and Kurt Russell is still hot....... So......
it's v cute and kurt russell is charming (no surprise there)
It's a pretty cute Christmas movie, I was surprised how much I liked it.
Reality tv used to be so good. I think of what mtv did the real world, road rules, and the challenge. I remember watching one of their best of or whatever. They said how for a lot of kids, Pedro was the first HIV person they “knew.” I feel like they also showed one of the first abortions on network tv too?
I’m watching some older challenges now. What they did with Diem and some of the moments they caught? They still make me tear up.

Now we have so much trash. I mean, we have some good shows but they’re the more documentary style versus overproduced garbage.
tami on real world los angeles had an abortion (i doubt they showed it but i know they discussed it)
i miss the old real world/road rules/challenge seasons, they were more fun, not such (like you said) overproduced. they feel very artificial now, people go on the show to increase instagram followers and people have to hardcore train for the challenges like it's the olympics or something.
i stopped watching when it became less about real world/road rules alums and they just brought in random reality tv people who i didn't know.
tami on real world los angeles had an abortion (i doubt they showed it but i know they discussed it)

If i recall, they showed her going to the clinic with her mother, but that is as far as they went.


1 day ago

I miss classic road rules and real world. I still watch The Challenge but it’s like another universe compared to what was once on MTV.

This sounds so good, you can't go wrong with stuffing and gravy.
I hate the way this guy talks, but that looks good!
I need to find a good stuffing but jesus. 🤤
This guy is a goldmine! On 1.5x speed...
This is making me laugh stupid hard.
not biddens njfhjfsbhjsbfhbhjd
I haven't looked at this account in ages lol
I do quite a good Gollum impression, and am very tempted to start reading these out on TikTok, although I'm sure somebody is already doing that!
I finished my rewatch of The Office and now I need another long ass show that I barely remember to fill my empty soul
I just rewatched The Golden Girls for the first time since it was on TV way back, and it mostly holds up surprisingly well.
obsessed with watching that casting video with the director shit-talking the actor's flat
i mean, she should be the new black panther, no?
Finding out Letitia Wright is a Covid truther was really disappointing,
Oh so those random out of context tweets got context?

(I don't say that to shittalk you or be shady, I just remember reading them going '...wut.' and forgetting about them)
What? No!
Oh nooo
sweet baby Jesus nooo
Is it normal for a cat to have coughing fits? I'm at my bf's house and his cat is seriously freaking me out. I've never heard her cough so much before, maybe once or twice, but she's been coughing a LOT. He's upstairs having a virtual game night with his friends so I'm trying not to bother him too much. I tried to give her some cat lax and she barely ate any of it. I think he thinks it's fine but I'm going to be nervous nellie.
she might have a hairball that she's trying to hack up
yeah, get her some of those hairball treats.
oh that makes sense, ty <3
My husband got me a pumpkin cookie and the frosting on it was sooooooo good omg
My supervisor is a teacher and is transphobic "there are boys and there are girls and nothing else" and yesterday used the term mulatto D:

I have an interview for a new job next week :)
he should explain why is ok for other species to change sex whenever they need it but not humans
Fucking gross, I hope you get out of there!
Today at work my coworker was pissed about this little girl studios casted for the live action Lilo and Stitch.

It was a fan-made Stitch and the little girl was Cardi B 😂