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The Midsommar May Queen

Edward Norton Gives an Analysis of 45

Edward Norton is currently trending on Twitter for his analysis on Trump's final days in the white house. As the son of a former federal prosecutor, he gives a rather pointed analysis and recommendation of the current madness: call Trump's bluff.

Everyone seems shocked that Edward Norton is smart, for some reason.

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If Ed weren't well known for being a difficult asshole to work with I would stan the shit outta this.
I mean, did Norton lie? He may be a know-it-all, too smart for his own good, entitled asshole but he didn't lie.
Trump deserves to rot in a hole

Deleted comment

Oh shit. I was wondering why all the news outlets put out the fact GA certified and then pulled back.
trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger

This is a great line.
This is the sexiest Edward Norton has ever been.

He's still a jerk onset tho
This is so weird because last night I was randomly thinking "I wonder what Edward Norton is doing? and what his political views are" and now here we are
You should wonder what Trump would look like inside a volcano. Use your power for good.
I know he's known to be an asshole but I love Keeping the Faith.

This is a pretty good analysis, although I will say that, as a lawyer, I was cracking up at him using the 'my father was a federal prosecutor' line.
I was...not expecting this. one of the tweets from this thread (lol it's the 10-ply one, ofc) got shared on my feed and I really had to check that it was him tweeting it.
I’ve enjoyed his acting over the years. Leaves of Grass is a top film. But honestly he dated Courtney Love so I do wonder about that. Also named his child Atlas, I’ve wondered before why that doesn’t frequent bad celeb baby name lists but some may like it.

Enjoyed the tirade though 10/10
Atlas is a figure in Greek mythology, so it's more of a name than Pilot Inspektor.
I know someone who named their kid Atlas. It's definitely a "well, it could have been worse" name.
i always love ed norton as the actor and i love him when i see him in movies but it’s always with the caveat that he’s mostly likely an insufferable Actor™️ and self-aggrandizes the importance of Actor Artistry™️

but anyways yes happy to see he is channeling all that against the common enemy here
He's right and people should listen. Trump has no legit reason for what he's doing, but you have to call him on his bullshit or he'll succeed. He's already eroded belief in the election results among Republicans.
i approve this message; wipe your asses with tr*mp

I know he's "difficult" but as the closest thing to a modern day Orson Welles we may have, I love him. Now I have another reason.

his ‘River card’ bluff could be really ugly.

Yeah, he can start a hot war. Calling his bluff before January 20 is an extremely high risk strategy.
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