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Edward Norton Gives an Analysis of 45

Edward Norton is currently trending on Twitter for his analysis on Trump's final days in the white house. As the son of a former federal prosecutor, he gives a rather pointed analysis and recommendation of the current madness: call Trump's bluff.

Everyone seems shocked that Edward Norton is smart, for some reason.

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He's right and he should say it.

I didn't think of it till someone here brought it up but do you think there's any chance that Trump is afraid that he'll end up like Epstein if he goes to prison? He's not facing those kinds of charges so it's not the same type of pressure that Epstein was facing but I dunno.

Regardless, Trump is a clown and he'll be out on Jan 20. And that is a fact.
interesting. it's true they're not the same charges but he's had access to classified info all these 4 years and he's not one to keep shit to himself. i feel like a tinhatter who watches too many movies lmao but i mean didn't he brag at some random meeting that the US had some sort of covert operative in the middle east? and that person is 100% dead and it's trump's fault... i'm just imagining how much he knows and how he's stupid enough to be like 'hey very important newspaper, i can give you exclusive governemnt info if you give me attention/money/whatever he thinks is important' and whatever big governement agency being like nah you dead.
Oh I absolutely believe that he's going to blab about more classified info, but the only thing holding him back would be more charges once he's out. Cause then I believe he could be charged with treason.
I'm hoping he'll do that about the aliens


3 days ago

omg the wild conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that would result from that are inconceivable to my mind rn


3 days ago


2 days ago

I’ve thought that he’s in cahoots with actual bad people with hella money. I won’t be surprised if something happens to him, even before sentencing or even litigation.
My assessment is similar and he worded it almost perfectly.

Now my only wish is that 45 will not stage a coup. Our elected officials should have the balls to call that morbidly obese monster out for his BS.
I have always had a crush on Edward Norton. Ugh his skinny ass body and weird voice do it for me. He's also cute on the face, or was, idk.
On one hand, reading this brings me joy.

On the other hand...WHERE THE FUCK WERE THESE HOT TAKES/CALL-OUTS WHEN WE DESPERATELY NEEDED THEM (i.e., the past 4 years when this ogre actually HELD the presidential office)?

I'm so tired y'all lol.
i mean celebrities have been calling him out in various shape for or fashion for years, I don't think eddie norton chiming in in 2017 would have done anything to deter him
That's definitely true lol.

"TRUMP" and "Analysis" makes me see red when it comes to anyone in the public eye speak about him these days.


3 days ago

That question is better directed at various news organizations and members of both the DNC and RNC. Celebrities shouldn't be expected to provide political hot takes to sway the masses. It's totally fine when they do, we're all entitled to share our opinions, but I don't expect anything from any celebrity.


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3 days ago

A good read. I generally don't love wishing large chunks of my life away, but January 20th cannot come fast enough.
I love it.
I thought he made some good points here and I hope he's right. This whole thing is making me nervous.
Same. I'm nervous that 45 can get away with it and still magically be declared the winner after all these BS. He's borrowing a page from any dictator's playbook at this point and more people should call him out for what he's doing. It's scary.
Eh idk 45 strikes me as more of a prison-grade 1-ply sort of person.
"10-ply-super-soft bitch"

Has trump made statements on camera since the election was called? It's wild to me that he called a whole press conference the Thursday after the election to peddle complete nonsense and as far as I know hasn't spoken on camera since. Of course he's tweeting 100x a day.

I'm still of the belief that his whole presidential run was intended to just be hype for his DC hotel which opened in 2016 and that he never intended or expected to win. And then once he did his whole decades-long history of crimes came to light when it would have otherwise probably flown under the radar for the rest of his life.

I'm hoping that he, his kids, and Jared all get held accountable for their abuses of power but not optimistic that they will
He’s supposed to speak this afternoon. And unless it’s him conceding, MSNBC and CNN will probably tap out within a minute.
he has, he talked about the vaccine and stuttered talking about how it's the next administration's problem
He's more busy trying to overturn the election results more than taking care of the rising covid cases and deaths. He's a demon.
He showed up late to a veterans memorial service but other than that...his schedule which you can look up online has been empty since the election. He's not left the White House or been since in public in weeks. I supposed he's going to pardon the turkey soon as a cutesy tradition but I doubt that'll happen. He seems like he just wants to hide in embarrassment.
he was at the briefing today still insisting he won. he alternates between watching Fox in the bunker, tweeting on the toilet, and golfing.
I usually remember him a lot because there's a line from one of his movies (25th hour) that pops into my head whenever I overcome a crisis ("this life came so close to never happening"). Random, I know lol

I recently watched his Modern family episode and he was hilarious.
Yesssss where he’s a reject musician hahahaha
25th Hour is one of those movies that I watch over and over again and I don’t know what I like about it but it stands out for me. I bought the book during quarantine and have been meaning to start it
Omg I forgot about his ep!! So funny


November 20 2020, 17:58:11 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 18:00:02 UTC

We're both from the same hometown and in fact had the same Calculus teacher (who, fun fact, is now actually a state politician and one of the all-around best people I've ever known). After he got famous* he definitely turned into a giant dick, and stories I've heard make it pretty clear that he at least had a problem with alcohol, but by all accounts he's quite brilliant. He even speaks Japanese.

There aren't a lot of famous people from our town, so I'm ready for him to stop being a dick and keep this kind of shit up so I can go back to being proud to claim him lmfao.

*Well from what I've heard he was maybe always ~above it all, but I haven't heard any stories about him being overly dickish in high school, so I think his ego just got kicked up to 11 with the fame and accolades.
Yup he's HoCo royalty lol.
I think I might have had the same calc teacher as you and Norton, bc how many calc teachers go on to become state delegates lol. But I was in high school 20 years after Norton and went to another HCPSS school, not Wilde Lake.

Other famous people I can think of who attended HoCo public schools:
-Alex Ohanian
-Aaron McGruder

Um I think that's it lol
Woah, that's wild(e). I was 21 years later, haha.

And wow, I didn't know either of them graduated high school in hoco! There's also Snail Mail lol, though she didn't graduate.



that was interesting
I always thought he was cute in a nerdy way.
Omg I was just scrolling down and thought that said he was dead at 45!
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