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Sia’s new movie slammed for portrayal of autism, singer blasts critics

Sia debuted the trailer for her film, “Music,” starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler, and immediately faced criticism for casting Ziegler as a character with autism.
The movie centers on Music (Ziegler), a teenager with autism who has a passion for music.
Hudson plays Music’s half-sister and guardian Zu, a former drug dealer, and Leslie Odom Jr. plays her friend Ebo.

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Tags: ableism / disability rights, sia

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Deleted comment

oh my GOD
yeah she showed her full entire ass out on twitter. she is being dragged, and ofc there's the lost puppy dogs telling her to "forget about the haters" and other embarrassing shit. like sis is not paying your rent.

This is repulsive. Lbr the girl is BFFs with the kardashians

this next level petty, dig your own grave comment!!! indefensible.
i gasped
lmao wow
wtffffff omg
I have yet to meet a quirky white lady who hasn't revealed herself to be an asshole.
The ableist audacity of this bitch
she's fucking horrible omg
This legitimately shocked me, how could you think this was an okay response????

RE: Re: omg


5 months ago

Re: omg


5 months ago

Re: omg


5 months ago

Re: omg


5 months ago

wow - fucking asshole.
jesus christ
Holy shit
oh wtf. it's not hard to keep petty thoughts to your damn self. wow.
I'm glad shes showing her ass and ruining any hope that this movie will be taken seriously within the autism community.

Fuck her forever for this.
She's fucking lucky that Twitter has blocked me from logging in, otherwise, I'd come for that Australian ass.
Oh shit!!!
Wtf, she’s horrible.
Omg wtf, the audacity

Wasn't expecting that response.
What an asshole.
Wow. What a horrible cunt.
Holy shit this is AWFUL.
Holy fuck I gasped. She’s an ableist piece of shit and that’s insulting to shit
This was beyond appalling and I hate this so much.
i'm cringing and laughing my ass off at the same time. sia is an idiot.
What a piece of shit........

As fucking if Maddie Ziegler is an Oscar winning actress....
Wtf?? What is wrong with her ?
Holy shit
Holy SHIT.
Well. Yikes.

*looks at calendar* It's still 2020, but that bingo card keeps growing at the amount of people who show their degrees of horrible. (She may have always been this way, but this is the first time I'm seeing it.) I'm starting to think it's bottomless. :(
fuck her.
I literally gasped
Sia's responses are so fucking infuriating.
so SIA's an asshole. noted.
she recently went out of her way to defend johnny Depp too
She is showing her whole ass while still hiding her face lmao
her next wig should just be shaped into a giant ass
That wig isn't nearly long enough, frankly.
What a disappointing piece of shit she turned out to be..

Seeya girl
Beyoncé, do us all a favor and lock this moron in your basement again, please.
pretty hurts doesn't even slap. all that for nothing
ia one of the weakest Beyonce tracks
album opens with GHOST/HAUNTED as far as im concerned !!!
"Maybe you're just a bad actor"

Lol woooooooow


November 20 2020, 16:50:38 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 16:50:58 UTC

Has Sia always been so messy?
I loved her since her early solo stuff, but I didn't pay much attention to her personally, maybe she always was, we just didn't have Twitter for her to show it?
A close friend of mine went to school with her and says she was bullied by her and Sia made her life a misery all through school. She gets quite upset when she talks about it, which isn’t often, so I 100% believe her. Seems like Sia has been a mean girl all her life.
she did blackface

defended johnny depp

basically groomed a 12 year old girl for professional gains.
I'm so glad I don't stan anyone

anyway what a weirdo lol
she’s proud of gifting her an edible arrangement? tf?
She sounds and acts like a social climber/hanger on, yet she is more successful and relevant than all of them.
loooooooooooooool as if


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago


4 months ago

why the fuck is SIA so obsessed with Maddie anyway? its fucking weird?
She's like one of those male artists or writers who think there's nothing wrong with being in close contact with a teenage girl since puberty because she's his ~perfect muse~ and the ~art wouldn't be the same without her~
its not only weird, i find it extremely irresponsible considering sia won't even show her fucking face and has no problem putting this actual child in all of her videos/live performances
i didn't dare to say it in the previous thread but i find it so fucking weird too...
yes shes a damn creep
Yeah. I side-eyed her since the Elastic Heart (I think, the one with Shia Laboeuf) music video... Weird as FUCK.
omg i hadn't seen that video in forever so i just went to watch it and JESUS FUCK so fucking weird, maddie looks so young and the costume choices alone.... yikes
she needs to be in prison for that video tbh
Its honestly why i don't listen to her music and have never liked her.

An adult woman putting a child out as her surrogate (and one that was already thrown out there by her parents on the show dance moms) shows they are lacking in the critical thinking areas of their brain.
ia it weirds me out
Wait, this is the same girl that's always in her videos?

It does seem like a creepy obsession.
i think she's her self-insert

Right? It’s creepy.

It also baffles me the assumption people with autism won't be able to act or memorize lines. The way people treat disability as if it affects every single disabled person the same way is just beyond. And LOL @ the random tweet talking about the trans people included. If that isn't performative token activism at its finest.
I was diagnosed autistic since 10 and was in every single one of my high school musicals, if anything I found it a relief I had a literal script to go buy that was unchanging instead of having to be hyper aware of the nuance of a conversation.
this! a lot of ppl with autism learn to socialize through imitation rather than intuition so reading from a script would potentially remove many of the indicators that they're even autistic
autism also presents on a super wide spectrum (hence the term uh, spectrum) so while I can totally see how acting would be near impossible for some people with ASD - I know that for me, I'm mostly ok at masking but I CANNOT feign any kind of sincerity to save my life, so if I were acting and a role required me to like express a swell of affection or sympathy I would never be able to do it lol - it would be a cakewalk for others! not everyone with autism has the same personality or skill set!
As an autistic person who excelled in theater and am a damn fine public speaker and advocate, this fucking was so appalling.
Right? Idk why neurotypicals and able bodied people have such a hard time grasping the idea that disabilities can be a spectrum and they affect us all in different ways bc *gasp* we’re all different people lol
They are highly successful actors with autism. The big one off the top of my head is Anthony Hopkins. It's such a stupid assumption.


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago

right i don’t think and i’m not saying she thinks this but the inclusion of trans ppl as a deflection makes it seem like she classifies trans experience as neurodivergent. maybe she was getting or anticipating some other criticism abt lgbt+ rep
what always rubs me the wrong way is when people see an autistic person's abilities or difficulties as a result of their autism, rather than a personality trait. People think that if a NT person is bad at something or extremely good at something, it's who they are. If an autistic person is this or that it's always ~~~because of autism.
Which is why I don't mention it to people because they will start to see me through their stereotypes of something that is a wide wide spectrum. There is no "true me" hidden underneath some autistic layer.


November 21 2020, 09:39:29 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 09:45:08 UTC

It has always been funny to me that a job which involves relying on a script and thinking about motivations and interactions on a conscious level is something autistic people would always automatically and necessarily be worse at. For some it works in their favour!
It's particularly bizarre to me given it's literally a SPECTRUM disorder

i mean i shouldn't be surprised but like something about it is particularly dumbfounding to me
does sia have autism? i know that little girl has often been a stand in for sia in her mv's, so is this meant to be autobiographical?
i'm pretty sure she just can't dance
lmfao no
mess, she can definitely choke then


November 21 2020, 10:08:40 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 10:17:14 UTC

Sia has so many diagnoses, I won't be surprised if she adds autism too.
I mean, most people outside the internet do not run around telling everyone their health report for social points so who knows


November 20 2020, 16:53:11 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 16:54:18 UTC

I was so upset when I saw her response to the criticism. She's such a hot mess. Defending a wife beater and now this.

I refuse to believe she ever intended to cast someone besides Maddie in the lead role
It wouldn't be "cruel" to cast a real autistic actress as an autistic character unless you think we're made of porcelain. If she truly thought the role would be too challenging for someone with the same type of autism to play then she should have changed the character to be at a higher level of functioning but of course that couldn't happen because her movie has to show an autistic girl as exotic and her name is fucking Music because she's like the VESSEL of music who INSPIRES US ALL and not a human being who could be written better by literally anyone living on the spectrum

Emergency call 9111! Shes pissed off at everyone. 💃

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