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Sia’s new movie slammed for portrayal of autism, singer blasts critics

Sia debuted the trailer for her film, “Music,” starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler, and immediately faced criticism for casting Ziegler as a character with autism.
The movie centers on Music (Ziegler), a teenager with autism who has a passion for music.
Hudson plays Music’s half-sister and guardian Zu, a former drug dealer, and Leslie Odom Jr. plays her friend Ebo.

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Tags: ableism / disability rights, sia

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why is she even making a movie? who asked for this?
Australia and her home city doesn't claim her! She's a sick mess.
omg where is she from? Melbourne?
Adelaide! She left and never came back and we don't claim her lol.
Sia has always sucked and I'm glad more people are either realising it or not being afraid of voicing the opinion for whatever reason.
My favorite thing out of this is sia admitting she tried to hire an autistic actor but claimed she couldn’t create an accommodating set for her. Like you wanna make a movie advocating for them but can’t even create an inclusive work space?

Also the thought of sia taking this neurotypical actress and directing her like, “make sure to look really stupid and wobble your head around so everyone knows you’re a dumb dumb autistic”
She's a gigantic piece of shit
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