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Sia’s new movie slammed for portrayal of autism, singer blasts critics

Sia debuted the trailer for her film, “Music,” starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler, and immediately faced criticism for casting Ziegler as a character with autism.
The movie centers on Music (Ziegler), a teenager with autism who has a passion for music.
Hudson plays Music’s half-sister and guardian Zu, a former drug dealer, and Leslie Odom Jr. plays her friend Ebo.

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Tags: ableism / disability rights, sia

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Hudson.... haha a former drug dealer 🤣 😂 😆

They wanted another vehicle for their special egg Maddie. I get it.


What would have been I don't know maybe ok is if Maddie was a little (younger) autistic girl's inner feels, and she uses her to dance in her mind, they dance together. People see only her but she has a partner.
We see splits back and forth.
Good luck to Maddie she will get some hate because of this. But like I said good luck to her. Sia is just a jerk.


November 20 2020, 20:28:47 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 20:29:49 UTC

So she is an asshole about this like other folks are when they get called out about piss poor disability representation that they expected praise for.
I’m actually shocked at how trash this is. And that’s not easy in the year of our Lord 2020.
I feel sorry for Maddie, poor girl never stood a chance with all these adult women exploiting her and living vicariously through her.

It wasn't her face she should've been hiding. Her personality is atrocious.

hiding her face made her feel really brave huh...
I felt my brain melting both watching the trailer and reading her doubling-down replies. she is a fucking idiot.
I hope that chandelier she’s swinging on snaps and breaks.
"representation" like this is how it took me 30 years to consider that i might be on the spectrum, b/c explicitly autistic characters are always shown in one light and never as real, full people who can be warm and use humour and get along in life without some magical skill (so i naturally thought hey that can't be me)

idek how to go about the process of being diagnosed though. i kinda worry that a doctor would tell me i'm making it up or something, lol.
It's so different depending on where you are. I'm in the UK and I've ended up going private. I'm very early on in the process
I relate to this, it took me pushing myself to the edge to finally acknowledge I have autism and seek a diagnosis. So many portrayals of white men and the most extreme symptoms, it's easy to fly under the radar.

I started in communities for autistic women and adults. /r/aspergirls was the biggest community for me, because I was relating to movst of the posts in there.

I looked for providers in my network, and I would see if they worked with adults and especially girls and women. I got familiar with the symptoms and how they could express and how they were impactful on my life, because I'm usually very minimizing of things. It took a lot of introspection lol.
She has lost the last bits of her god damn mind. Like should we be sorry for you that you’ve been working on this shit for 14 without realizing that it’s actually shit? Saying we should see it before judging? That’s not how it works, I wouldn’t go see a Woody Allen movie to see if it somehow wiped away his sex offences and I won’t be seeing Sia’s shitty movie to see if she’ll apologize for her horrid comments on it. Just log off already
the last few weeks have shown me that she’s a truly heinous person
I'm glad a pic of her actual face is used, her face covering bullshit is so weird.
Im sorry but shes obsessed with that child and its really fucking weird. Remember when she bought her a car and shit? Thats some grooming type behavior sorry not sorry.
"maybe you're just a bad actor" LMFAO
horrible, always always always need to remember "Nothing About Us Without Us"
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