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Sia’s new movie slammed for portrayal of autism, singer blasts critics

Sia debuted the trailer for her film, “Music,” starring Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Maddie Ziegler, and immediately faced criticism for casting Ziegler as a character with autism.
The movie centers on Music (Ziegler), a teenager with autism who has a passion for music.
Hudson plays Music’s half-sister and guardian Zu, a former drug dealer, and Leslie Odom Jr. plays her friend Ebo.

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Tags: ableism / disability rights, sia

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just gonna leave this here: https://time.com/5883622/block-artists-on-spotify-amazon-apple-music/

Sia’s behavior and comments are insulting and reprehensible. Whatever studio is releasing it should just bury the movie or dump it on some random VOD site
Oh bless you for this.
lmao the block feature is SUCH a fav

no more mj, chris brown, miley cyrus, sia etc.
I think you need spotify premium to block artists. Either that or I am shit at following directions.
I had to do it through the app, didn't seem to give me the option via the desktop version.


4 months ago

sometimes i still think about her "calling out" nicki minaj and cardi b for "feuding" during the peak of the george floyd protests and i get beyond mad
Mama of a 16yo autistic son. Just watched the trailer.

Sick to my stomach watching Maddie portray an autistic person. It comes across as thoughtless mimicry: the smile, the overbite, the hand movements.

The entertainment industry needs to STOP this shit. What is the point of this? Because this isn't representation. It's gross.

oh my god..... I just watched it and it's truly horrible. Like... her mannerisms and head tilting and etc are so.... over-acted and fake and just... I don't even know what to say. This is beyond retrograde.
WOAAAH Hoo ahaha what a grade A asshole omfg
She’s shown everyone her true colors over these past months. She’s an asshole.
She's so fucking unlikable lol


November 20 2020, 17:36:16 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 17:38:32 UTC

"Maybe you're just a bad actor."

This horrible reply doesn't even make sense because Maddie is a fantastic dancer but not a good actor.

Plus it's just an awful thing to say to someone.

This has Razzie written all over it and I just hope Maddie gets other non-Sia projects (I have a soft spot for the Dance Moms girls, yes I watched that damn show.)
that’s such a good point girl can’t act for sh*t lol. and how convenient that she just happened to go with the girl she’s used for 99% of her visual projects over the past 6-7 years 🙄
I mean.

She's not even that great of a dancer lmfao. Being the best in ur podunk studio that had a reality tv show =/= being actually good.
She's a decent dancer technically from what I've seen but IMO her dances really lack heart and soul which is a huge part of performance. She definitely needs improvement in that area.


4 months ago


4 months ago


4 months ago

Opinions differ - I think she's underrated actually, in that being on a reality show and being Abby's favorite (which undermined her rather than helped her, imo) turned public opinion against her to a certain degree. I think she has a musicality and a charisma that the other dancers lack *shrug* I don't really see ballet as the pinnacle of dance per se.


4 months ago

a rich yt woman, acting like an asshole, quelle surprise


November 20 2020, 17:43:46 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  November 20 2020, 17:51:48 UTC

Colour me shocked SHOCKED that a Depp supporter is an asshole. Fuck her.
A whole mess. I'd say she should shut up and stay in her lane, but I'm not even sure what lane that is.
the no parking zone dumpster in an alley lane
I just don't get this. Like sure you can be an asshole ok but at least be smart about it and do it in private? I don't get celebrities who expose themselves like that. If this is what they say publicly god know what they say privately
Behind the terrible music... is a terrible person. This lines up.
why is she like this, holy shit. her tweets are fucking horrendous. bye
her feed is just a mess and she seems like a vile person. someone needs to do us a favor and delete her account.
i've always found her relationship with Maddie to be weird, idk
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