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The View: Vivek Murthy, Mario Lopez, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

Technical difficulties so Sunny joins late then Joy makes it by the second segment

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Tragic milestone with 250K covid deaths and climbing. SD Governor Noem aka Prairie Palin and other Republicans like TX Governor Abbott are completely derelict in their duties. MN ICU nurse spoke with Biden-Harris on virtual meeting with first responders, choked up at how dire it is. Wearing masks is still being politicized yet is the best way to protect us. They segue to Covidiot still refusing to admit he lost. His cult followers are willfully ignorant.

**On a positive note, Biden-Harris held a bipartisan meeting today (after this show aired) with some Governors, then he spoke afterwards and took q&a. Seems all Governors (leadership team of National Governors Association) are eager to have cooperation and aligned approach, since this disease doesn’t care about your politics.

Hot Topic Dr Vivek Murthy on Covid

Vivek Murthy is co-chair of Biden’s Covid Advisory Board. He was Surgeon General for Obama. First they talk about the good news with 2 vaccines. They cover Operation Warp Speed (lol) and how OWS is refusing (or prevented) to work with Biden transition team and how dangerous that is. Some of those involved are career staffers and not political appointees, so they’ll still be there when the next admin starts. Dire future especially between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Talks about internationally, Doctors Without Borders, everyone is struggling because cases are skyrocketing. More talk about Dr Atlas wanting Tgiving gatherings since the old folks will die and it will be their last one. Egads. Murthy talks about the science and the vaccine and it’s time to be careful not reckless. Be sure and wear your mask except when eating and even then stay distant and eat outside if possible.

Next segment they talk about a national plan. Then move on to kids getting sick, they’re not as immune as suggested, they discuss education and all those impacts. [Dr Murthy is really good at public speaking, his voice is so soothing]. More talk about testing and effectiveness and speed of results. We need to focus right now, while we wait on adult sanity. Mask, distance, hygiene. Embrace optimism based on vaccines on the way (and a new competent admin) and no shame in feeling scared and tired and frustrated, support each other.

Idky Whoopi butchers so many people’s names lol. Sometimes she can’t read the prompter provided to her but his name is NOT HARD TO SAY!

Hot Topic Do You Dream About Cheating

Apparently there are people who dream a lot about their s/o cheating on them. Reasons can range from suspicions about your partner, insecurities, or other reasons. Joy says she doesn’t dream about her husband cheating, she dreams about her cheating without all the real life mess. Sara dreams about a lot of stuff and her husband tells her maybe she needs to talk to someone. Sunny used to dream her husband cheated on her and she'd wake up angry like it was real and stay mad for a while.

Hot Topic Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez talks about the Saved By the Bell reboot, Jiu Jitsu, his long ago mullet, his family getting in on Tik Tok. The reboot will be edgier. The first version was on Saturday mornings so it was geared to young kids. Now they have some flexibility for an older demographic. A transgender actress will play one of the cheerleaders. You don’t need to have been a fan back in the day to enjoy the new version. Talks about his son’s name. Also has a Lifetime holiday film Feliz NaviDAD. Explains the plot. His daughter is the best dancer in the family. Cute photo of his kids.

Ontd is it cold where you are? Brrrr

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