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Blacktress Janet Hubert and Blacktor Will Smith heal their blackt-ing feud

Chalk it up to 2020 having its own end of the year redemption arc but during the Fresh Prince of Belair reunion - now streaming online - Will Smith sits down with OG aunt Viv Janet Hubert, a day before bigger cast reunion, so they can discuss exactly why they've been at odds for years.

So, what the eff happened? Well.....

* Hubert mentions that, during her pregnancy, her home life was in chaos due to an abusive marriage and that between dealing with that stress and being pregnant she wasn't the same happy person she had been.

* She went on to explain that she was offered a "really bad deal," where she would only work for two months and two weeks and couldn't work anywhere else.

* Turning down the offer she 'felt deeply hurt' by the re-cast and mentions the impossibility to get work - as a darker skinned black woman who was called difficult - and how her family abandoned her for 'shaming them/their name'.

* Will, now an adult with 3 kids his own, acknowledges that he had no perspective back then of just what it took for her to deal with all her RL issues while also trying to work.

* Both apologize for their public statements, acknowledges what good she brought and Will vows to be someone who will be more protective of her and not be 'someone who sicks dogs on you'

* On the main day he asks if the cast would like to see her and after they all agree they greet her and both Aunt Vivs meet for the first time.



Sources: 1, 2

Have you ever ended a 27 year old feud because you both had better perspective of it now years later ONTD?
Tags: black celebrities, celebrity feud, nostalgia, will smith

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