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In Youtube ain't $____

Well friends, I got an email from Youtube informing me that they updated their terms and services. I read them, got angry and went to twitter and saw this:

Youtube has now stated that they are going roll out ads on a limited number of videos from people not a part of the Youtube Partner Program and any money made, WILL NOT go to that person but to Youtube. The creator can later apply for the Youtuber Partner Program if they qualify for it.

Some of you are asking, "What is Youtube Partner Program?" A couple years back, Youtube said that if you get to a 1,000 subscribers AND they watched 4,000 hours of your videos then you'll get to put ads in your videos and make money! That's the Youtube Partner Program in a nutshell.

On Twitter, people are asking the question, "If Youtube can put ads on the smaller creators and deny them money form making a profit off their work, what's to stop them from doing away with the Youtube Partner Program?

Twitter is up in arms. I've been on youtube since April of 2006 and I've uploaded since 2008. I may hate the newbies but I don't want the people that are good and watch them lose money to Youtube of all people.

links: Youtube terms and services, Tweet that started it all
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