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'Tis the Season for Love After Lockup (Season 4 Couples Discussion)

- Apologies as OP doesn't have time for weekly episode recaps, the Real Housewives of Potomac, her job, and class schedule has made it very hard to prioritize discussing the greatest reality show of all time.
- OP has not been keeping uo with Life After Lockup (new season premieres 11/20) so WEtv keeps the trash going, but feel free to discuss
- let's recap the couples whose life you view on TV and say to yourself, 'hey I could be trapped with Heather at the DMV, so I'll be okay.

Kristianna and John (General Dollar Bob Odenkirk)

- she really needs to get off the show and away from John. Kristianna seems like a real sweetie and really hope she gets the help she needs and not simply going back into the system because of her substance use disorder. John who has been married four times before emotionally manipulated her in marriage - because he proposes the minute she leaves prison and needs to report to the halfway house. He is her ride to the halfway house, so if she rejects and he decides not to take her based on this rejection ---. She leaves the halfway house and relapses, meaning she cannot return and must report back to prison. She does receive 11 months after spending a few days with John and her family. During moments where this woman is crying and breaking down, this sorry motherfucker just looking at her blank, just fucking vaping in his titty tassel shirts.

Chanda and Tyrice and Tyrice's Pimp Daddy Blue Zoot Suit

I -- he -- tis some mess. He thinks because he has a job women consider him a hot commodity. He likes convicts with French manicures. He got playedT by his young gorlfriend and had his kids (closer in age to her) explain what ghosting was because that's what Chanda did to him.

Heather and Dylan

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile. OP never musters up any iota of sympathy or grace toward men but on this here day, in this here season of Love After Lockup -- Save Dylan! Heather has been dealt some trauma in her life, so it makes sense why she feels extremely clingy/obsessive with Dylan if she he is (was) the positive thing in her life. She needs some serious help and why didn't he just kick it at his momma's place (unless she has a record). OP will say that she recognizes all the places during Heather's high speed chases because she takes that freeway to work.

The Terrible Herffa and The Terrible He-ffa

She runs up his credit cards and fucking hits him and argues with the mother of his minor children and wants to cheat and gamble. She ain't shit. He ain't shit either for being a fucking deadbeat dad.

Maurice and Jessica

They're fucking boring. She's a white suburban woman who rebelled finding a black boyfriend and they somehow think they are worthy of being on my television screen. The scene where her dad gives Maurice the money for the ring was so scripted it was cringe.

Shavel and The Lost Migo

This guy spent 12 yers in prison since he was a kid. Not sure why Shavel thought his mindset of commitment would stay the same once he got released. He's not the father of her daughter, he's never really dated. They can't even agree to stay in the same state.

Scott and Liz---- ahem, I mean Lindsey

Ummmm -- I --- they --- sheeeee -- lip --- okay --- the bathtub.

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For the eight people here that watch, let's have a Season 4 (????) discussion post.
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