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Disney is refusing to pay writer Alan Dean Foster royalties for works they've acquired

- Disney stopped paying royalties on Star Wars and Alien novelizations whose rights they acquired when they bought Lucasfilms and Fox. The books are still in print; Disney has simply decided that they don't need to pay anymore because they say they bought the right to the works, not the obligations of the contract.

- Foster's agents, lawyers, and the Sci-Fi Writers of America have tried to deal with Disney privately, but they refuse unless Foster signs an NDA before they'll even talk, which he says is totally out of the ordinary.

- SFWA says they have to fight this because it would set a precedent to allow companies to not only stop honoring contracts for properties they've bought, but might also allow them to sell rights to sister companies to stop having to pay writers what they're due. This is especially not-great behavior to tolerate from a company that's buying everything under the sun. SFWA wants Disney to pay back royalties and either pay future royalties according to the current contract, or cease publication unless and until a new contract is signed.

- At the end of his letter, Foster mentions that he could use the money because his wife has health issues and he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in 2016.

Tags: books / authors, disney, legal / lawsuit, sci-fi, star wars

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