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The View: 50 Cent, Nicholas Pinnock, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Loser On a Rampage

Pouty McFussypants didn’t like it that his own Homeland Security cyber chief had been debunking all the election fraud claims so Donald Dum Dum fired him by tweet last night. You can read Chris Krebs fact checking here or you can follow his personal account here. Krebs had a lot of bipartisan support but of course no cowards from GOP are standing up for him. He can (theoretically) be rehired under Biden. Irony that we managed to keep foreigners from hijacking the election, while Mango Mussolini is destroying credibility from within. Whoopi gives thanks to Jimmy Fallon for putting together T45 concession speech.

Hot Topic Progressive Expectations for Biden

Sara thinks people voted for Biden knowing his centrist positions. Thinks progressives should have a place at the table but not hosting the whole dinner. Lists some progressive policies that already have Americans support. Likes the diversity of staff announced so far*. Joy thinks progressives have some good ideas that Americans want, eg healthcare, climate change, etc. Segues to Jill Biden being Sec of Education (won’t happen), Pete for UN Ambassador, lots of qualified people available and she’s looking fw to competent people being in place so we can relax. Sunny thinks admin should reflect diversity and positions that Americans want. Lists topics where progressives won, even in red or purple areas. Ana thinks everyone who showed up and got him elected is submitting names to be in the admin, she also likes his announced staff so far*

*The 9 senior staff announced yesterday include 5 women, 4 poc, no relatives.

Hot Topic Peoples Sexiest Man Alive

Everyone loves Michael B Jordan and he’s a friend to the show, he previously worked at ABC. Sunny’s fave was Idris, but loves MBJ too. Sara also likes Idris the best but loves MBJ, mentions inclusion of Dan Levy because he’s quirky and funny sexy, breaking the mold of what is traditionally sexy. Joy doesn’t like People magazine because they searched out her age (lol) and also has a sidebar about sexy is relative to western culture. Thinks MBJ is hot and adorable. Ana thinks MBJ is hot as hell. Her idea of sexy is the guy on the GBBS. Poor MBJ they all like him but they are all over Idris lol. Whoopi says nice things about MBJ. Thinks she’s too old to foam at the mouth over someone so much younger but also thinks he’s a great guy.

Hot Topics Viral Video 2020 Goals Not Met

Lol. I don’t watch the show until it loads to Hulu, I had posted her video in Round Up today, she’s delightful. @robynschallcomic had some wine and recorded a Tik Tok video (also on Insta and making the rounds on twitter). She’s a giggly treat. Shame about her grandma 😃 Sara wants to be her friend, says her 2020 didn’t go quite as planned either. Sunny talks about her year being different. Ana loves her and says she encapsulates 2020, glass of wine the size of toilet bowl. Joy talks about her Italy trip with g/fs that was cancelled, she’s now watching every Danish murder mystery. Also Swedish ones, so now she knows the difference when they’re speaking Swedish vs Danish.

Hot Topic 50 Cent and Nicholas Pinnock

50 Cent and Nicholas Pinnock promote S2 of their show For Life on ABC (next day Hulu) and talk about how it incorporates 2020 events. 50 video In Da Club reached 1B views. They talk about his political tweets. He supported Biden and claimed Lil Wayne took $1M to shill for T45. Nicholas is British and talks about his thoughts on what’s been happening in the US this year. Nicholas talks about his character. Also jokes about being in a previous issue of Peoples Sexiest Man Alive.

Ontd what 2020 plans have gone awry for you?

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