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Courtney Love discusses the Hole reunion and other life updates

Two sources, basically the same interview... Here are some highlights:

Last October, Courtney Love was tooling around in the studio with original drummer Patty Schemel and bassist/back-up vocalist Melissa Auf der Maur. But then COVID happened and the Hole reunion didn't really happen.

Courtney has since moved to London, has been writing songs during lockdown, and taking guitar lessons via Zoom. This socially distant queen!

She's also recorded some songs of her own, and this OP would be fine with a solo project for now.

She still thinks Joy Divisions 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' is still the greatest song ever written.

She's still working on her memoir, which she has been working on for a decade.

She lived in Liverpool for a bit in the 80s and her earliest memory of that was going to a chippy with her crush and getting a battered sausage. "The grease was rancid but it was so good!" ONTD, tell me about the foods you eat with your crush.

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