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Whitney Port is watching The Hills on her YouTube channel

Whitney Port from The Hills has sort of branched off into becoming a Youtuber. She did a watch & react for The City and now that that's done she's doing The Hills! If you're a big Hills fan it's interesting to get some behind-the-scenes insight into the show. She watches with her husband Timmy who is really funny. They've done the first 4 episodes so far (you can find the other ones at her YouTube page).

Here are a few tidbits I remember from the first few videos:
-she was a big stoner at the time
-she was cast on the show but didn't realize it was Lauren Conrad's spin-off until Lauren walked into the waiting room at Teen Vogue
-the Villas where Lauren lived wasn't as nice as they made it look on the show
-they made $1000 an episode for the first season (but lbr Lauren probably made more)

She's surprisingly a lot more funny and has more personality than was depicted on The Hills

Tags: the hills / laguna beach stars

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