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The View: Michael J Fox, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a Liar

Lindsey Graham who represents South Carolina called up multiple Republican elected officials, including Georgia Secretary of State, and said they should invalidate ballots for various reasons. He lied and said he didn’t say those things. Except the GA SoS had staff on the call so there are witnesses. Graham also called Arizona and Nevada. These guys are such clowns. When, when, when are people going to make them stop /rhetorical. Sunny thinks it's a dry run for GA runoff, but Graham called other "contested" states as well.

Tonight @ 715PM eastern, Donald Dum Dum fired-by-tweet Chris Krebs, head of Dept of Homeland Security Cybersecurity, who has used his twitter feed to debunk election fraud myths. Click here for Krebs rumour control.

Hot Topic Dark Winter

Now that Covidiot is on his way out, even red GOP states are putting mask mandates in place and discouraging large gatherings. They don’t need to worry about tweet-storms, the vaccine(s) will be distributed under a Biden admin, so they don’t have to worry about upsetting Dear Leader. Dems have (mostly) been very diligent while GOP is out there crowd surfing. Plays clip of Senate floor with Sherrod Brown going after Dan Sullivan for not wearing a mask (which are not required on Senate floor!!) while Ted Cruz claims they’re 50ft apart despite blonde woman literally right in front of Sullivan 2 ft away.

Sidebar in the first clip, Joy and Sara are talking about xyz while Sunny is down in her lower left frame drinking her coffee with dgaf face and that needs to be gif-ed lol!

Mask up, hunker down, we can get through this!

Hot Topic Dr Scott Atlas Wants to Kill Your Old Relatives

Covidiot now has Dr Scott Atlas as his front-man for covid hoax. Atlas is a radiologist. He's not educated, trained, or experienced in epidemiology or infectious diseases. He’s on a tantrum against people who oppose large gatherings at Thanksgiving, saying that elderly relatives will probably die (of covid!) so let them have what may be their -last- family event. The depraved irony. Panel rages some more. Joy is funny.

Hot Topics Michael J Fox

His speech control and body control are weakening as a result of Parkinsons, FYI if you view segment

Michael J Fox who has been battling Parkinsons for decades is promoting his latest book No Time Like the Future. He has a cameo in Lil Nas X video. They talk about Family Ties where he played the lone Republican in a Democrat family. Says "Alex P Keaton" character would’ve liked the previous Republicans like Bush or Reagan but not T45. Fox and Whoopi were a date to awards show, he talks about that night. Separately doctors discovered a tumor on his spine, which could’ve paralyzed him. He had surgery, which was a success. Tells story about that event and how it ties in to the theme of his latest book. At age 57 he got his first tattoo, a sea turtle, on his forearm. Tells story where the sea turtle idea came from. Wife won’t let him get any more tattoos so this is it.

Ontd hey people heyyyy /waves

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