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ONTD Original: Since it's ending... Top 14 craziest things about Supernatural (and it's fandom).

14. The Ackles Ass Equation

The Ackles Ass Equation is y=-(sin(x^(1.7/6)+4)+(1/x))+10, which represents the curvature of Jensen Ackles' ass while sleeping in his boxers in season 2. Yes that's a thing.

13. A Gif for everything.

There's this running joke about SPN having a gif for everything. When you've had 15 years of episodes, you tend to have a lot of material.

12. Paddalecki's hair

Moose's hair has gotten worse and worse every season, just watch it's evolution.

11. Superwholock

Tumblr's top three fandoms: Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock joined forces and became one 'Superwholock' which people loved because, why hot, I guess. Supernatural in particular incorporated some nods to it including characters like Amy pond.

10. The French Mistake

The SPN crew knew people were obsessed with the actors so they made an episode in which Sam and Dean travel to a parallel universe in which they're Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean on a Supernatural TV show. You can't get any more meta than that.

9. Scoobynatural

In S13 Supernatural delivered one of it's craziest episodes, setting up a crossover episode with Scooby Doo which remains one of the best to date.

8. Failed spin-offs

I don't think there was a show that had so many failed spin-offs as Supernatural, back in S6 a Castiel spinoff was in development but they decided it was best to keep him in the show. Then they tried to make The Vampire Diaries meets The OC but with werewolves and it even aired as a backdoor pilot called 'Supernatural: Bloodlines' and then a spin-off about women hunters that managed to travel through different universes called 'Wayward Sisters' also had a backdoor pilot as a two-part episode in which they had to rescue Sam and Dean.

7. RIP Women

Supernatural actually managed to include super cool and awesome female characters... the problem is they kept killing them every chance they got which made the fandom RAGEEEE.

6. Conventions

Supernatural has developed a whole niche thanks to their conventions (and started a trend with it), but things get crazy in them. Also, they were one of the biggest attractions at comic con, since not that many shows can fill Hall H.

5. Supernatural: The Animation

Unlike your faves, Supernatural became so big that they developed an anime covering the first two seasons of the show (the entire yellow eyed demon saga). The anime did not have that much success, even tho the actors were involved in the dubbing.

4. Stephanie Ware

This one is hard to explain... If you google the names "Jensen Ackles Stephanie Ware" you get a lot of hits. Allegedly, someone used to claim on IMDB message boards (RIP) as well as other internet blogs and forums, that Jensen is married to an actress named Stephanie Ware. This rumor has been spread all over the internet since 2006 - with people alternatively claiming they ARE Stephanie Ware - and yes, are married, or no, never have been married to Jensen Ackles, or they are related to Stephanie Ware and can confirm the marriage/ can't confirm the marriage. In 2009, Stephanie announced she was pregnant. In 2011, she's launched a twitter attack on Jensen Ackles' wife, even tweeting to the FBI's press office and demanding that they arrest Danneel Harris for "stalking and harrassing Stephanie Ware".

3. Destiel

In S4 the show introduced Castiel and angels to the show, and a lot of people picked up on Cas and Dean's closeness and thought it could lead to something more, the show even mocked fans a bit continuously making characters say they were boyfriends and in love...until two weeks ago, when Castiel revealed he was actually in love with Dean, and because of it, Putin quit.

2. Wincest

Way back in 2005 when the show started A LOT of people did not seem to care that Sam and Dean were brothers and they shipped them... they shipped them HARD, and that's how Wincest became a thing, that sadly even the actors have been asked about.

1. Mythagow00ds

Dean. Sam. Nude. Prolapsed Anus. Tentacles. Prolapsed Anus. Christmas Lights. Prolapsed Anus. Bees.

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ONTD, what are you gonna miss about SPN?
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