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The View: Billy Crystal, Stevie Wonder, Ruby Bridges, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

Friday and Monday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

This mother f/cker is responsible of negligent homicide of thousands upon thousands of people for his incompetent handling of this pandemic and now for refusing a seamless transition. Today (or yesterday, whenever) he took credit for Moderna starting a trial in Jan 2020 because he’s both dumb and a liar. Covid was barely known in Jan 2020 and if and when he did become aware, he’s been lying about it being serious to the public up to and including present day. The whole panel rants about it. F/ck him. F/ck his whole admin. F/ck his whole family.

Hot Topic Panel Talks Barack Obama Book

Obama has been making the rounds to promote his book A Promised Land which is part 1 of his Presidential memoirs. Technically they talk about his interview on 60 Minutes, but his purpose was to talk about his book. First they talk about his remarks about transition and how dangerous it is that man-baby T45 refuses to allow for transition. Also includes his comments about shocking the new world order by a black man being in the White House.

Joy and Sara disagree with the degree that Obama is talking about de-briefing the election. Ana talks about how she was politically critical of Obama during his WH years but now has come to miss him, to really appreciate him in a new way, his decency, his decorum, his grace, his elegance, his duty to democracy and the office. If Obama can put aside how he was treated and still behave, maybe T45 should take a clue. Sunny feels T45 was dangerous but the GOP (and media) allowed him to shatter norms.

Hot Topic Bill Maher on Being Woke

Bill Maher thinks that Woke talk hurt the Democrats because they come off too overly sensitive. Sara compares Maher comments to some remarks Obama made in late 2019. The key difference is Maher positioned it as an exaggerated insult whereas Obama was more nuanced and speaking realistically. Joy felt some of the catch phrases hurt Democrats because it required too much extra explaining. Sunny felt like Woke has been co-opted as an insult about people who are trying to raise awareness on social and civil rights. Ana talks about FL Dem losses, due in part to the ~socialist labeling. GOP was better at the messaging so that’s why Dems lost, not every message plays in every local community, Dems need to be better at local messaging.

Hot Topic Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was 6 yrs old when she was one of the first Black children to attend an integrated school. They talk about this art (below) juxtaposing Kamala walking with a young Ruby. Ruby talks about all the women who are now walking in the shoes of those who came before them, and she talks about mentors in her own life. She’s promoting her book This is Your Time and talks about her narrative. Surprise update, the school that she attended after desegregation, has now become segregated again. Sad ☹


Hot Topic Friday Show Give Biden Intel Access

Lol @ Joy shirt saying “You’re Fired”

Not going to recap because it’s already 84 news cycles later. GOP who have publicly said give Biden access, or said they’d step in, haven’t made it happen.

Meanwhile Biden today (Monday afternoon in public remarks with press q&a) said that he finds it more “embarrassing than debilitating” and that Kamala as Senator is still on the Senate Intel Committee so she gets briefings that way.

Hot Topic Friday Show Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal was a surprise guest for Whoopi’s birthday. He wished her a Happy Medicare Day. First they laughed about age milestones. Shared an old photo when they did Comic Relief, told the story behind the photo. Showed another throwback photo of them with Robin Williams. Talked tips about being older, he wrote a book about when he turned 65 yrs old. Lots of laughs. Talked about Princess Bride cast reunion which raised $4M for Wisconsin Democrats. Told stories. They reminisce about Carl Reiner.

Next they talked about politics and covid. He and his wife celebrated 50th anniversary, they talked about their time together and how they learned more things about each other during pandemic. Promoted masks. He promoted his film Standing Up Falling Down on Hulu, which is a low key film about two people getting a second chance.

Hot Topic Friday Show Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder serenaded Whoopi for her birthday. It’s an awkward struggle watch due to Zoom delays but a nice gesture. They also talked about why they like each other so much, how she thinks he’s fearless and always represents the best part of us.

Ontd election lawsuit update Donald Dum Dum is 1-24 in court losses haha cackles

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