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Universal details its theater/vod deal that now includes Cinemark

Several months ago Universal Studios struck a deal with AMC theaters that would see the studios theatrical window shorten significantly. Today, Cinemark theaters joined in on the deal.

Universal also gave a more detailed look into how the deal with theaters will work:

-- Any movie that grosses at least $50 million its opening weekend must have theater exclusivity for a minimum of 31 days before being made available for digital rental. Though bigger films will most likely stick with theaters for a longer period.
-- Films that gross lower than $50 million will be available after 17 days.
-- Films can still remain in theaters after going digital.

AMC has stated its deal with the studio is one of the primary reasons it hasn't closed down again.

Universal's horror film Come Play will be on VOD this Friday, 21 days after its theater release. Freaky, which just saw release this weekend, should drop in about two weeks.

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