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Matthew Rhys Talks to Esquire

Esquire EIC Michael Sebastian interviewed Perry Mason star Matthew Rhys, with photographer Sebastian Kim snapping some photos of him at a house in the Catskill Mountains.

Some highlights from the brief interview:

  • Perry Mason wrapped filming in January, just before the pandemic hit, and premiered in the spring. Rhys, Keri Russell and their kids went to the Catskillls in March and stayed all summer, returning to Brooklyn in the fall.

  • He's supposed to film Perry Mason S2 next year.

  • Struggled with getting the kids to do schoolwork, but enjoyed the freedom of the summer, exploring the outdoors and looking for new projects.

  • Drinks a martini on Friday nights to mark the end of another week (stars, they're just like us!) and grew a huge pandemic beard.

  • Is in the process of renovating an old boat named Rabbit.

There are more at the source - apparently his stans aren't super on top of posting to Twitter.

Easy access to the full interview.

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Did anyone in your life grow a big old pandemic beard? And yes, I finally finished The Americans!!
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