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Real Housewives of Potomac 5.16 "We Had a Kumbaya Moment, Now Shut the Fuck Up" Recap

- "Jamal lives in the phone." 🤳🏽 Another iconic quote from our fave feud flip flopping wig shifting auntie Kurn. She knew Blu Cantrell 1 wasn't buying no jewelry for herself without a man there, so surmised she was with Juanderful Juan
- Despite her opening tagline, Blu Cantrell 2/Her Brokeness is still getting played
- the talking heads about Ashley's toboggan transportation antics sent OP
- for some gawd forsaken reason, E! has infiltrated our viewing enjoyment. Why are they here? OP is on her Strom Thurmond to challenge this integration
- The Nosy Sugar Baby is befuddled why Skippy Concealer Candiace is talking to her about motherhood
- Ashley's bazungas look phenomenal in that dress, she still turrible though
- "okay clipboard!"
- no trying to be an asshole, but how in the hell does Candiace think getting a dog and her wig glue resiliency against Hurricane Monique give any indicator she'll be a good mom? She needs to get away from her actual mom, probably to work some shit out.
- the pageant gorls go at it about their feud pre-Baby Dean
- Blu Cantrell 1 and 2 is letting Ashley have it and OP is here for it (ready, early, on time, homework turned in)
- The Nosy Sugar Baby and the Green Eyed Bandits continue their third installment of these toilet pranks. Pizza in Great Falls, #freeuncleben, and now Along Came a Spider
- watching them watch the monitor for this prank - Housewivesception
- Her Brokeness reviews the Embezzled photoshoot pics so she can escape the clutches of the IRS
- Kurns hates the dick of the Black Broke Gates!
- Mar-A-Lago Monique ain't nowhere to be seen and still makes an appearance. She asked Ashley to serve as a character assassin against Candiace (mostly notably the buttaknife incident). Robyn was laying down fax, hunny.

Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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