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Brad Pitt Wins Case Against Woman Who Was Catfished by Fake Brad Pitt


A court in Texas threw out a bizarre lawsuit filed by a woman who was scammed by a man pretending to be Brad Pitt. After being catfished, she filed a lawsuit against the real Brad Pitt for $100,000.

Here is the weird-ass saga:

  • It started in 2018, when Kelli Christina was contacted by someone claiming to be Brad Pitt. He requested that she organize fundraisers for Make It Right, which is Pitt's charitable organization. "Brad Pitt" then charged the woman $40,000 to make an appearance. But when the fundraiser came, he wouldn't show up. Christina even discussed marriage with the scammer.

  • She sued the real Pitt for failing to protect his fans from scammers. She is dedicated to pursuing the lawsuit because "she was so disappointed that the real Pitt didn’t help her" when she reported the fraud to him:

  • “Brad Pitt ignored all [my problems] [for] a year and a half. He was contacted at Make It Right, Plan B Entertainment, his Los Angeles home and his Beverly Hills attorney the summer of 2019. All problems [were] ignored and yet it’s his name and reputation.”

What are your favorite famous scams, ONTD?

Tags: actor / actress, brad pitt, legal / lawsuit

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