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ONTD Original: The best cartoon intros

It's time for some more nostalgia after last night's trip down memory lane. Tonight, i give you my personal favorites from the great genre that is TV Cartoon Intros.

Disclaimer: I'm born in Europe in 96, so if I miss I'm sorry. Also I will only be posting the English versions even though that's not what i grew up with.

starting it off with a classic. i loved this from the first day i heard it, but found out TODAY there excists a full version????? i put it under the spoiler below, the instrumental at 1:25 is amazing

[Spoiler (click to open)]


i listen to this allllllll the time, love the melody and the Moomins in general <3

i just love the whole vibe of this, especially the backing vocal 0:20, YES

i have unironically put this on at parties, lmao. its just a bop all around, wish an extendede version existed

i LOVED this series and everything about it!!!!!!!

it just perfectly portrays their personalities, like Edd straightening the camera lmao. also like that its not a "traditional" intro

this whole show is so CHAOTIC but i kinda love it. also props to them for dropping a beastiality/cheating joke in their INTRO?! lmao damn

another one that's just straight vibes all the way

i mean this is nothing short of iconic

this was the ultimate comfort show if you were sick <3

i dont quite like the show but this ~broadway~ intro is AMAZING. SHOWSTOPPING.

okay but Noddy could like... get it

"Gummi bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere"
well, so is my ass when i hear this masterpiece

ok so one time i was sitting on the toilet during a commercial break and my brother yelled "your gonna miss the opening theme!" so i just pulled up my pants without wiping and ran out to watch the intro and got poop on my pants and got so stressed to tell my mom that i walked three streets down to throw the pants away and told her my friend stole them and she called the friends mother and it was not a good Friday.

nothing will EVER top this.

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