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La Rosa de Guadalupe’s Wind Secret Finally Exposed in Behind The Scenes TikTok

“La Rosa de Guadalupe” is a Mexican anthology drama television series my mom faithfully watches almost every day, before or after “Caso Cerrado.” I can’t remember which one comes first. The series centers on people’s life problems and relationship to the Catholic religion and more specifically, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

Main characters who are usually in major trouble pray and ask la Virgencita de Guadalupe to help and protect them. A white rose appears before an altar or statue of the Virgin and will remain there (the rose’s appearance signifies that the prayer has been heard). When the problem or issue is resolved, the main character is “touched” by a gust of wind that represents the act of la Virgin of Guadalupe and at the end of the episode, the white rose disappears.

A recent TikTok video finally exposed the answer to one of our greatest questions never asked: pero like, how do they do the wind thing anyways?

[See the funny wind compilation behind this cut]

Since the show premiered in 2008, many believed the gust of wind was done with a fan, like this:

As it turns out, that is NOT the case. So how do they do it? The answer probably won’t surprise you. Like at all.

They use a blow dryer.

There you have it amigos.


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