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ONTD Original: An ode to early 2000s Euro-Trash Dance Music

Remember when life was simpler? When charts didn't matter and musicians focused on making ART? Well, look no further. Let's travel back together to when one of history's most underrated genres ruled the world. To a time where Günther, Scooter, and Cascada were household names and your biggest trouble in life was getting the latest song Bluetoothed to your flip phone from your friend.

1) This post has a LOT of videoes. I have tried my best to trim it down but it's hard.
2) I have no intention of fact checking when and where all these songs were released. Some may be from the late 90s, even early 2010s. Some may be from America. I don't discriminate, the only criteria is that they were the first songs I ever sweated my ass off to.

With that out of the way, let's get down to it. So pop a fresh Monster energy drink, strap of your Vans Off The Wall sneakers, make sure your longsleeved white shirt is firmly tucked under your T-shirt and let's get started! You will dance your heart out so an excessive amount of AXE Bodyspray is adviced.

ANTHEMS. CLASSICS. in a field where almost all artists are one hit wonders, Vengaboys have released HIT after HIT! they have so many more amazing songs, I can't post them all.

another legend. they have released an English cover as well, but the bass isn't nearly as hard or gritty and that is after all what we are here for.

can we PLEASE talk about how many errors are in this lyric video.

this song is a LIE!!! it painted the most romantic picture of sex on the beach, inspiring me to try it out several years later. T-spoon are responsible for sand scratches in both my penis and bussy. it was horrible but the song SLAPS.

yes i know, we all know Barbie Girl. but their whole album Aquarium is bops from start to finish.

the lyrics are just... poetry tbh

before the awful, horrifying, ungodly Baby Shark entered the scene, we all stanned Schappi Das Kleine Krokodil. in fact we still, and will never stop stanning.

"if two italian brothers stamp on the ground in the forest, with no one around to rave to it, did it really happen?" -Old European proverb

of course the American song on this list is militant propaganda, smh. still bopping to it, tho.

the intro this song SENDS me every time i hear it. she seems to take herself so seriously and is delivering vocals while putting that ass up. in. the. AIR.

despite considering a career within Medicine, Cascada knew her true passion was music. And thank GOD she chose that, because her music gives me more life than a CPR could ever do.

on a disco when i was 12 i once had a sugar shock after 7 Cokes to this song that i was shaking for an hour

i mean you can't really talk about Euro-Trash Dance music without mentioning this banger. who knows what they are singing about? i like the mystery of not knowing

the only way to top the original is speeding it up and adding a kicking bassline and insanse synth drop, and that is exactly what Empyre One has done. chefs kiss

where is their VMA Vanguard award tbh?

this song added at LEAST two years of me being in the closet. i was convinced i was straight after seeing the video. DAMN YOU, ERIC PRYDZ!

i am filing a law suit to Fifth Harm*ny on the behalf of Benny Benassi for blatanly stealing the mv concept.

another benny benassi banger. i am livid at Skrillex for remixing this and having his atricious "remix" be more famous when the original is pure gold

i tried alcohol for the first time to this song. it was a pinapple flavoured Bacardi Breezer in Greece

where Call On Me made me question my gayness, when i laid eyes on Gunther there was no doubt in my mind. i can only hope to meet a man as sexy and with a sensual voice

Klaas is another heavy weight in this genre. the amount of sweat that has been sweat to his songs could fill all the lakes of the world. legend

this song is my self esteem booster. i AM hardcore, ALWAYS hardcore

rumor has it Nicki was inspired by this when she wrote "Lets go to the beach, beach"

lord knows i HATE fiddles as an instrument. but gud i love CREAMBASE 1 fiddle 2003 ( Bellini Brothers radio cut )

really nothing much to say about this, just Eastern Europe single handidly writing the musical bible

finally some spanish on this list. a true classic

finishing this list off with a banger. ariana grande WHOMST?

ONTD, what was your go-to rave outfit?

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