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The View: Stacey Abrams, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Suggested Nationwide Lockdown

Dr. Michael Osterholm, a coronavirus adviser to President-elect Joe Biden, suggests a 4-6 week nationwide lockdown combined with an equivalent stimulus, could bring a halt to the rampant spread. Cases are skyrocketing, hospitals are at or near capacity. It’s a dire situation. Sounds extreme, but a plan is better than nothing. If we had done this in the beginning, wonder how many lives would've been saved. People who refuse to wear their mask should face repercussions. Unfortunately, McConnell won’t pass a stimulus in the Senate, and too many cult followers are brainwashed to be anti-mask. It’s an uphill battle.

Hot Topic Will US Thanksgiving Be a Super Spreader

A quick plug for a charity in Phoenix then the panel talks about changes in their Thanksgiving plans.

Whatevs. Tough time for us all, the holidays see a rise in depression, and many of us will be isolated or separated from our normal family events due to precautions with covid. I’m sure the mods will look after us with FFA, and y'all be sure and submit some fun ONTD Originals where all the best content is found!

Hot Topic Stacey Abrams

The hero we all needed in GA for this election. She founded Fair Fight. Please go to Fair Fight to see how you can help the two Senate run-off elections.

First she talks about how excited and proud she was with GA win for Biden-Harris. Some talk about the stolen GA Governor race. They’re going to recount by hand. SA feels lead is insurmountable. The recount falls within the law, and rarely does it change the outcome. She talks about her coalition of gotv, grassroots organizing, fighting voter suppression. They talk about the odds of the run-off where D needs both wins but typically R are successful. Compares it to the Doug Jones of 2020. It needs to be nationalized in terms of importance. Some dumb stuff about voter fraud claims in GA. SA refutes the claims and emphasizes counting every vote is what led to run-offs so if they want to get rid of run-offs, that’s a future option, but until then this is the process. More talk about Pouty McFussypants refusing to recognize election outcome.

Then they talk about House and Senate underperformance despite Biden lead for Potus. Clyburn didn’t like ‘defund the police’ as a slogan phrase. SA says a lot of stuff but mostly politics are local and you have to focus on the voters in each community vs a one-size-fits-all. Some stump speech talking points specific to Warnock and Ossoff. SA is asked if she’s spoken to Biden-Harris about a Cabinet position. SA says she’s laser focused on winning GA run-offs. [She should be new DNC chair]. They talk about Biden cabinet, whether it will include GOP. SA says Biden has led during healthcare crisis and economic crisis before and she trusts him. She’s focused on GA run-off. Some talk about John Lewis community being who voted for Biden, fitting irony. SA talks about her admiration for Lewis.

Hot Topics Dr Jill Biden Keeping Her Day Job

Dr Jill Biden as Second Lady continued teaching as an English Professor at the same community college (NOVA, Northern Virginia Community College). Now as incoming FLOTUS there is talk of her continuing to teach. Lots of articles suggest she’s going to continue teaching but Idk if it’s been officially confirmed. Kamala’s husband Doug Emhoff is severing all ties to his law firm. [His job is different in terms of potential conflict than Jill being a teacher]. The panel says things. All are supportive and feel that she’s free to stick with the career that she loves.

Ontd what is your favorite ice cream and has it changed since the covid era?

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