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The View: Sarah Cooper, Nathan Shumaker, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Will You Shut Up, Man

The NYT contacted Election officials in all 50 states and none reported any voting irregularities. The latest conspiracy is a video tweeted by Donald Dum Dum showing someone taking ballots out of a Calif. drop box. The ballots are real. The drop box is real. The box was locked at 8PM election night, and ballots were being transported the next day by an election official to be counted. Standard protocol. He took a real, normal event then claimed it was fraud. The dam is starting to break, with some GOP Senators saying they’ll step in if transition isn’t allowed by Friday. The politically appointed GSA lady still hasn’t responded to House letter, whose next step is to issue subpoena. Rumors are that appropriate Secret Service detail may be impacted, but last week it was already reported that S.S. detail was ramped up prior to his victory speech, so it’s not certain that element is accurate.

The whole panel is anti-fraud conspiracy theories. Listen if you wish.

UPDATE T45 is now 0-12 in election lawsuits hahahahahah

Hot Topic Wash, Wear, and Wait

Covid cases are skyrocketing. Please stay safe, everyone. Wash your hands, cover your face, social distance. Those who are advocating herd immunity are depraved. The mortality rate is so high, it could kill 1.2-2M Americans and still not guarantee proper immunity since people are becoming re-infected and sometimes dying the second time around, after having survived the first time. Scientists say a nationwide lockdown for 4-6 weeks could break the spread and get us back on the right track. Fauci talks about a vaccine being 90% effective and possibly being widely available by April 2021. That’s a long way off, so we have to do better NOW. Pfizer is a reputable company and rumors the CEO made bank on announcement is false, but their trial results haven’t been published or verified in peer reviews yet. Some are hesitant to be first in line with vaccination but everyone is optimistic, after what will be a dark winter. Joy can’t wait to go back to the gym, lose covid weight, and get some botox. Sara also wants to come out with Joy. Ana is elated. Studies show masks work, so put on your mask!! Whoopi is confused about the stocks, which that rumor has been debunked.

Hot Topic Sarah Cooper

The cute pupper roaming on the couch in the background is the real hero of this segment!

Sarah Cooper is a Jamaican American author and comedian who wrote three comedic books between 2016-2018 and now has a comedy special Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine on Netflix. She’s also producing a sitcom on CBS based on her last book How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings. You probably learned about her in her T45 videos where she takes his real audio and mimics the stupidity of what he says.

Hearing her real voice is wild. And she even looks different than her T45 videos hahaha. She talks about doing her videos during lockdown. Says Whoopi is in her special, as well as Maya Rudolph, explains the format, sketches, etc. They play a clip and talk more about her collaborations on her show. Helen Mirren, Jon Hamm, Natasha Lyonne, lots of others.

Hot Topic Veterans Day

Army Sergeant Nathan Shumaker, who was the 300th recipient of a specially adapted home from Homes for Our Troops, shares about his family’s struggle. They also get, courtesy of The View sponsors, a new home theatre, a home office setup, and gaming gadgets for the kids.

Ontd are you spending Thanksgiving (US) or Christmas (anyone) with family?

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