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Batman clock going for $29,900

- Missing the 30th anniversary date of Tim Burton's Batman by a year, this desktop clock (made by Kross Studio) is shaped liked the version of the Batmobile in Batman (1989). From the Kross Studio website, it states:

"The whole piece is made of the finest materials - carefully selected for their technical properties and refinement. The bodywork in black aluminium composite, with aeronautical grade scratch protection coating, magnificently shapes the 1989 Batmobile desk clock, reproducing the same curves and proportions. Even the wheels are spinning!"

- It displays the hours and minutes horizontally by two cylinders
- The vertical regulator is highlighted through the turbine at the front of the car and it runs at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour or 3 Hz (hertz)
- the smoked windows have a lighter taint so for those to get a "glimpse of the movement through the window"

Why is the Batmobile desktop clock so expensive?
- It's considered a collector's item
- "custom-built with more parts than a regular clock to achieve the Batmobile's unique design"
- "the materials used such as its components used, down to the manufacturing, assembling, manpower and finishing touches quite cost a lot of investment. That includes the aeronautical scratch-resistant coating that makes the desk clock fancier"

This collectible is produced in a limited edition of 100

Here is a video to see more of the Batmobile clock

ONTD, what's the most you've spent on a item?
Have you splurged on anything recently?

source 1/2/3
Tags: batman, dc comics

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