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The View: Jon Ossoff, Emmanuel Acho, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Pouty McFussypants and his coward enablers are grifting Americans while pretending there are voter fraud issues that may change the outcome of the election. Narrator: there is no level of voter fraud that would change the results.

To help with your sanity, consider these resources and latest items:

Ballotpedia is [objectively] tracking election disputes, lawsuits, and recounts. 24 lawsuits in 5 states; 6 have closed.

Follow Chris Krebs @CISAKrebs who is Director of US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure and has turned his twitter feed into a fact-check and rumor control for Election misinformation

PA postal worker received $130K for claiming voter fraud recanted his story and admitted he made it up.

AZ vote challenge was about 180 rejected ballots; Biden leads by 14,746 votes. [Update] > In addition, a judge rejected Republican lawsuit request to keep evidence ‘secret’; election officials won their claim that voters deserved right to know how flimsy the lawsuit allegations were. Bloop.

Good article from September 2020 that dispels myths about voter fraud

Hot Topic Name and Shame Trump Sychophants

The panel discusses the AOC tweet (below) which got the Trump Cult big mad. Sara felt it was a slippery slope and sounded like the days of McCarthyism for 70M voters, prefers we focus on the bigger picture with healthcare at risk during pandemic. Sunny re-directs to actual officials who serve(d) in T45 admin (not the wide breadth of all voters), and people should be held accountable, disagrees with Sara. Joy slices and dices criminals who should go to jail vs those who are cruel and should have consequences vs the staffers who will be forgotten when this is over vs those who turned the corner and have turned on T45.


Hot Topic GA Senate Runoff Jon Ossoff

First they talk about Biden-Harris win and his hopes that GA will go blue and stay blue. Senate is 48-50 and needs both GA Senate seats to get control of Senate, where Harris as VP would be tie-breaker. It will be a fast and furious mad dash. Feels they’re invigorated by the Election and hopes to maintain enthusiasm for the runoffs. Thanks Stacey Abrams for her efforts. Blah blah where man-baby won’t concede, and Loeffler (who he isn’t running against) wanting GOP officials to resign because GA isn’t going in favor of GOP /lol/.

Then they talk about his challenger, the incumbent Senator Perdue, and Ossoff dragging Perdue in debate held before election. They play a clip and it’s still hilarious. Perdue cnc the last debate hours after that smackdown. Some talk about the congressional outcome at national level. Ossoff says he doesn’t have national analysis, he knows what’s happening in GA and that’s his focus. Stump speech talking points.

If you want to help with the two GA Senate runoff elections, go to Fair Fight where there are ways to help within GA or from outside GA.

Hot Topic Emmanuel Acho

Fox Sports Analyst and former NFL player (Browns, Eagles, Giants) Emmanuel Acho wrote a book Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Talks about George Floyd being the impetus for his series of conversations, that he then turned into a book. Explains the different conversations he’s had with others, and how proximity breeds care. Some talk about Goodell and his change of heart about race relations in the NFL. EA feels people should be given opportunity to learn and grow and his effort is to help people understand why this is important. Explains how white people can be a good ally. People have good intentions, but people need to go further and take action. Tells a childhood story about playing Dominos as an analogy of what he hopes his book will achieve. Don't try to do everything, but at least try to do something.

Ontd do you like nuts in your desserts?

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