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Naren Shankar previews The Expanse S5

I'm putting the tweet behind a spoiler tag due to blood splatter.

[tw: blood]

While everyone behind the scenes of The Expanse continues to ignore the elephant in the room and the mounting sexual misconduct and assault allegations against Cas Anvar (as reported here and here back in June, in the reddit thread there are now over 40 accusations), EW interview The Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar about S5.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* There will be some elements of book 6 this season, but it will mostly be drawn from book 5 and the theme this season is 'the sins of the past'.

* Naomi knows the kind of person Marco is and is determined to reach out to Filip (her son), and try to save him from somebody that she thinks is really a terrible person. She won't get the reunion she's hoping for.

* They've tried to dimensionalize the conflict and show every side of it- Earth, Mars, the Belt and the Roci's independent faction. At the end of S4 Drummer walked away from OPA, politics and Fred Johnson, she's struck out on her own, trying to create a life for herself, but politics, war and strife have a way of finding you.

* People who have read 'The Churn' novella will love Amos' storyline this season, it's Naren's favorite storyline this season and the one he's been looking forward to doing for years. There's a lot of mystery attached to Amos' backstory around Baltimore and fans will finally get answers to it.


It's been nearly 5 months and they still haven't finished the investigation, or announced Anvar has been fired or recast.

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