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Furries Have Taken Over a VR Version Of The Much Memed Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Today in why is this a post? Furries have a new virtual meet-up spot: a VR version of the much-memed Four Seasons Total Landscaping business. After news outlets reported that Joe Biden had won the election on Saturday morning, Trump’s campaign announced that it would be holding a press conference at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia. Due to a hilarious mix up, the event actually ended up taking place in a parking lot of a similarly named landscaping business. Of course the Internet did its thing and memes ensued, but Biden’s win mostly overshadowed this on Saturday.

Now new life has been brought to it by the furry community (a hot topic on ONTD)! The video of the virtual hangout was tweeted out by YouTuber Coopertom today, and you can see a number of furries hanging out in a virtual reality version of the infamous parking lot via VRChat. Coopertom also revealed that they’re in the process of adding the crematorium and sex shop that are next door to the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot.

ONTD, do you have a secret online fursona?

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Tags: computers and technology, meme, nobody, politics, slow news day, viral, web series / youtube, who asked for this

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