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"Mom" showrunner previews show without Anna Faris "Entertainment Weekly"


-The 8th season of "Mom " will premiere tonight on CBS without Anna Faris, who announced her departure in september .Showrunner Gemma Baker explains what's ahead on the new season.

-Baker says she did not panic when Faris announced her departure, because the show has naturally become more of an ensemble and there are many stories to tell. Baker got her start on "Two and a Half Men" when Aston Kutcher took over as lead, and the show lasted 4 more years.

-Baker says Christy will not be killed off, and she will work towards her dreams and the audience will get updates on her progress and the effect her leaving has on bonnie. The pandemic will not be addressed on the show and a beloved character will make a visit. Mom debuts season 8 at 9pm on CBs
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