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Monique admonishes Oprah for putting Breonna Taylor on a magazine, accuses O of murdering her career

Still fanning the flames of a one-sided 11 year old feud, Monique and her husband appeared on Out Loud hosted by Claudia Jordan. During the interview Monique spoke on Oprah's decision to put Breonna Taylor on a magazine cover. Monique comments on the fact that she has only ever seen Oprah on the cover of O Magazine, or Oprah and someone else. She has never seen Oprah give anyone a solo cover before. She says "that's a sister that was murdered and Oprah Winfrey took a stand and said 'we gotta get justice'" Monique goes on to say "As you took a stand for our sister that was murdered, you took part in murdering my career."

The conversation somehow drifts to Ice Cube as husband - Sidney Hicks pipes up to discuss Ice Cube endorsing Donald Trump. He said, "I've heard people say they are angry because he allowed donald to use him and in my humble opinion, I don't think that he did, I think that they exaggerated the dynamics of what took place between Ice Cube and him. And if people really think about it, Ice Cube is part of the one percent in terms of what he makes. So, for him to have a conversation in reference to the 99% people should say thank you" Monique say next to him nodding in agreement.

In the past Monique has also come out in support of Roseanne Bar calling her, "My sister in comedy"

Tags: black celebrities, oprah

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