beysactingcoach (beysactingcoach) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Whew Chile It's Another FFA (The Gluten Free, Political Free Version)


Helllllleeeer, good mornTing, bienviendo. I am tired but I'm giving the people what they want. This is the second FFA that is political free to get away from the behemoth that is election coverage. Same rules apply like any other FFA and those making political comments will be subject to a 2-week ban.

Here's some non-political tings to discuss.
- what's a recipe you've been meaning to try?
- what petty YouTube drama have you been following?
- Complete any puzzles? Show them to us.
- What ya been watching on the streaming sites?
- Any books you've been reading - bad or good?
- any nice positive thing that happened for you today?
- What's a random bit of trivia you learned?
- What a good podcast you're turning in to?
- Learning any new languages? Talk about your progress maybe ask a native speaker here for advice?
- Any new music you've been listening to or visiting the classics?
- Got any ideas or need help with a post?
- Lily James has got to be happy about these past couple of days.
- Who you been thirsting after?
- Also as corny as this sounds, you should type one nice thing about yourself in the comments and tell yourself that you are great.

Welp, OP has lecture and will try to check monitor this post and the other. If you have any issues, just feel free to message me or one of the mods.
Tags: free for all

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