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10 (5) underrated bands that defined the 1990s

Not every 90s band can compete with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Green Day. However, these 10 (5) created some pretty memorable jams, and were declared underrated for doing so.

OP commentary: This song is still a banger and it's a shame that ALL of their songs don't sound like this.

OP commentary: This song comes up in every ONTD Original focusing on 90s bands/teen movies, so I'm including it again. The lead singer is still gorgeous and Lit is still performing.

Soul Asylum
You can't fault a band for staying at it. Soul Asylum had been making music for 11 years before this song became a hit on MTV with an important message.

The Verve
OP commentary: I haven't made a Richard Ashcroft post in awhile. It seems his PR team has taken the reins on his social accounts and is forcing him to focus on the music. The world can go back to remembering The Verve's hit rather than that mystery baggie in his pocket on live TV.

The Wallflowers
A one-hit wonder by a nepotism band? At least it's a good one! (That's Jakob Dylan, son of Bob.)

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ONTD, post your 90s faves!
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