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The View: Halloween Show, James Iglehart, Nate Silver

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Ana. Sara was off Friday.

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum said he’d fire Fauci after the election. Which is yet another great campaign strategy for a guy who is less popular with the voting public than Fauci. He’s going to kill us all, and says ridiculous things for attention. May he /redacted/ sooner than later.

Hot Topic Trump Domestic Terr0rists

Donald Dum Dum and Traitor Tot and their cult followers are doing the most to suppress and intimidate voters. A T45 caravan on I35 in TX boxed in and tried to run a Biden-Harris campaign bus off the road. (The bus had local surrogates on board, not Biden or Harris). One pickup sideswiped another car on purpose. T45 said he liked what they were doing, calling them patriots. Marco Rubio laughed about it and said it happened all the time in FL. Oof. Also Donald Dum Dum cult followers blocked traffic on the LIE and a NY bridge because shutting down traffic is a great way to make people even more enthusiastic to vote against your clown.

Hot Topic Lady Gaga Campaign Ad

Lady Gaga did a campaign ad. It stirred debate for claims of stereotyping. They didn’t like that she dressed in camo beside a monster truck pretending to drink a beer. Joy liked the Bruce Springsteen ad with his song Hometown and thought it resonated more. Sara thought LG missed the mark for target demo. Ana thought it was a Halloween costume. Meanwhile the GOP is worried about Lady Gaga doing a concert in PA for Biden-Harris because they can’t get any music artist with a huge following to support Trump.

Hot Topic Ignore the Polls VOTE

Sidebar but Carrey is awful as Biden. It’s not an impersonation, he’s doing The Mask.

Nate Silver of 538 talks about his 2020 predictions which is not useful after the debacle of 2016.

The state level polls show that Biden is leading in many states, outside the margin of error. But ignore the polls. VOTE!

Check this feed if you want a rundown of state level polls. The feed is an aggregate of every pollster. (Ignore Rasmussen and Trafalgar).

Hot Topic Friday Show Virtual Halloween

Whoopi does a comedic take on a virtual Halloween gathering with Freddy and Jason

Hot Topic Friday Show 2016 Election PTSD

Whoopi is wearing a crown because she’s dressed as Meghan Markle after being in the sun too long. Joy is worried about Trump Cult Morons. Before it was a guessing game, now we know he is a lying racist sexist ignorant incompetent corrupt grifter and his supporters know it yet still like him. Ana is anxious about rain on Election Day, ballots getting back in time. 1.78M mail ballots requested, 40% ish not returned (but that may mean they early voted or will vote in person). Sunny is worried about GOP voter suppression. Talks about Black women organizing across states but so many efforts to quash the vote. Long lines during pandemic. Whoopi is excited about early voting and mail voting turnout. Take your ballot to a drop box, don’t mail it!

Hot Topic Friday Show Creepy Kardashian Hologram

The whole family is tone deaf and needs to be cancelled just like the Trump crime syndicate. Of course, the hologram says KKKim “married most most most most genius man in the whole world” /rme. Joy didn’t like it, and didn’t like that Kanye made it about him. Whoopi didn’t mind it overall, but shouldn’t have included that ego trip from him. Ana is grateful that KKKim took him to a deserted island and keep him there. Sunny thinks he was trying to make up for the trash he said earlier this year. Kinda liked the idea since she lost loved ones, and if she could talk back to them, or naturally hearing their voices. Ana wants her after-death hologram to be photoshopped.

Hot Topic Friday Show Do Doctor Offices Self Test

Joy tells a story about going to the dentist for a routine cleaning and they followed all the protocols but she asked if they tested themselves and they said No. It would be impractical for them to test all the time. They discuss.

Hot Topic Friday Show Kids Costumes

They’re not in the studio this year so they took the hot topics throughout the year and have the cover the best kids costumes. Worth a watch for the clever and cute stuff. Costumes covered: Election, The Fly, Work From Home Zoom Attire, Birx & Fauci, Socially Distant Diners, Tiger King.

Hot Topic Friday Show James Monroe Iglehart

James Monroe Iglehart talks about his efforts to spotlight the Broadway community during the shutdown, which plans to stay dark until Spring 2021. He also performs Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Ontd if you have not already voted PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get to the polls on Tuesday. Mask up, be safe, and MAKE A PLAN.

🗳 Click here for your polling location and what is required to vote

🗳 Find your state store the number CALL IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS

🗳 STAY IN LINE. Polls can not close until everyone in line has voted.

Your voting plan

My early vote ballot was accepted
My mail ballot is on the way or I will take to official drop box ASAP
I voted early in person
I am voting on Election Day

(Whoa that gif was huge will swap out later)
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